Cinquième Préférence

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I prefer English today, I want a larger audience.

I prefer to write, I want to say something.

I prefer to smile, I want to be happy.

I prefer to be strong, I want to stand against the tide.

I prefer to dance, I want to groove to the music.

I prefer to stand alone, I will stand strong.

I prefer to talk to my friends, I know my family always listens.

I prefer the sunrise, I know the sunset would be beautiful.

I prefer to give my best shot today, hopefully tomorrow’s best would be better.

I prefer interacting with real people, I know Sophia, the first robot to be granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia, founded by Elon Mask would comment “That’s wonderful”.

I prefer coffee, I want to stay awake,





4 rules to Trademark

via Daily Prompt: Trademark

Hello… Here we are again trying to make a mark on this beautiful world. I hope we don’t leave a stain. Trademark is a logo, or the USP of a company or a product. We are not products or company to have a trademark.

But we have to leave this world with a memory of ourselves, so

trademark your individuality,

trademark your essence,

trademark your ideas,

trademark your innocence

and make this world a better place to live in.

Ciao until next time.




Expect 3

  1. Expect nothing from someone you counted on.
  2. Expect the worst to happen.
  3. Expect yourself to perform well.                                                                                        These are statements from well-wishers. I have always looked upon them as guidelines and they have worked for me. And they have all come true. In times of need, be your own strength. In times of despair, expect the worst and the present seems better. And finally believe in yourself. You are going to have a good day if you think so.                                                    
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