Nine (t)1(mes) nine is a (w)eighty one

“Les Français font trois repas par jour. Les enfant prennent souvent un goûter après l’ecole.” This is what a french book says. The french take three meals a day. Children often take a snack after school

Here in my part of the universe we have 3 meals, 2 snacks/fruit/salad breaks, 3 tea/coffee breaks and 1 anytime snack.

This is us. And if I miss any of these at the end of the day… I feel incomplete. This is how we are. Food is an integral part of our life. I am saying this on behalf of all the people I know well. If anyone is offended, I switch to I henceforth. ( As If I care)

Food is comfort, food is energy, food is a means of continuing our journey on this planet. The diet-freaks, the sportziastics, the homme d’affaires, the mannequins of France, the Judges of reality shows, the Anchors of Breaking News and  we – bloggers, all love food. I am totally in love with Shilpa Shetty’s Sunday Binge and her rolling eyeballs.

The nine so-called food/drink (pun intended) breaks are a reason to break the mundane routine.

The first is the honey-lemon water for the ones interested, plain warm water for others and for the rest is hot chai or coffee.

Break-fast that begins the day with healthy oats, aloo ka paratha, upma, idly-sambar (my favourite), boiled eggs and Juice. Then the snack between break-fast and lunch, mostly pre-lunch in the form of salad to offer solace at 11:45 as lunch is only after 12:30 (work-place rules/school time-table). Before that is the tea-break anytime between 10:15 and 11:15. This tea is magical, the moment to enjoy the day if breakfast wasn’t super kinds.

Moving on to Lunch, cold lunch for the office-goers, unless you have Dabbawallas or Milton, businesswomen/men and corporate women/ men come home or plan a working lunch (ha..ha..) to work and EAT, of course they can multi-task. The rest have a meal with pickle, papad and meetha to add flavour.

Then is the evening chai again (another favourite of mine), thinking of it, I can sense it in the air, the hot vapour and the crunchy smell of chai patti (tea leaves), another motivator to extend the day and continue working. Biscuits are a no-no for me, others can have masala biscutis, murku, nippet, ghatia, mixture, pakora or anthing that is salty and masaledar.

Later a snack before dinner that handles the temptation from chips or a bar of chocolate. and then the Final Dinner that culminates the days cravings. I say “sorry Akshay Kumar” when I eat dinner post 8:00 p.m but promise to  walk a kilometer extra the next morning.

Anytime Snack is a personal choice, “je vous laisse.” I leave it to you to have your kinda snack at your time.

Eat Healthy, Exercise regularly and Stay Healthy