Tending Towards Tens

via Daily Prompt: Tend


Today I wanted to write but landed up reading and then saw the post Tend. Exactly the word I was looking for. It meant “write”(for me). The dictionary meaning for tend says     ” to kindle, to ignite, light, inflame, set on fire, burn.”

Here for me it kindled the desire to write and voilà, here is my tenth blog. Félicitations

Today’s musings or apprentisage is a quote by Regina Brett that says

No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up”.

I’ve done that tons of times but today was extraordinary, not exactly in the pink of health, did the same and was appreciated. Then I thought about the appreciation,  believe me it was from the people who were in the same situation. They were going through a rough patch but showed up every single day.

I realised that the these were the people who complained the least, did their job and always had a smile on their faces exactly following Regina Brett.

Tending to be happy makes you happy, it ignites happiness in others too. The unhappy ones will remain unhappy no matter what you do. The reason I believe is “they choose to be unhappy”.

Let us vow to show up each day with a beaming smile and spread the smiling curve facing the sky defeating the harsh terrains that lay ahead.


This post was written for the daily prompt “tend”


Author: Srishti Rajeev

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