The Eighteen – year old

ice cream in glass with spoon
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The bell rang and she entered, Mom… tomorrow I am going to be eighteen. Isn’t it special?

Yes… Yes… Tomorrow you are going to be a big girl. Little did the eighteen year old know that her Mom had been waiting for this day and dreading it as well.

Aww… Mom, that’s so sweet, but however old… shouldn’t I say young I become, your lectures would be never – ending.

“Tomorrow onwards no lectures” announced Mom with tears swelling up her eyes opening the freezer to take out the ever-favourite Butter scotch ice-cream for the apple of her eye.

I can’t take that statement she said looking at her phone. Did you see Dad’s watsapp status, I look so cute… I don’t even remember this pic. He’s the best…. and so are you.

Mom just smiled… and then added “you are the best.”

Of course, I am the best who has the bestest parents she sang with a tone of pride. O…English teacher, forgive my superlative grammar skills in this sentence.

Mom placed her bowl of ice-cream on the table, sat down and sent a message to Dad, “The lawyer said he’ll come early in the morning to read out the will left by her parents, I asked him to join us for break-fast.”



Author: Srishti Rajeev

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