#20 Theme Reveal AtoZ 2019 “Questions you muse about “

We spend more time with ourselves than with anybody. All the time we are thinking, looking around, listening to sounds, contemplating and taking decisions based on our experience. Also we are questioning our actions  (previous ones and the ones that we are about to make). Is it the right thing to do? Why did I react like that? Was I  provoked? Should I have said no?

I am going to let the cat out of the bag and ask you the questions directly. That’s my blog and that is its identity. Answer the questions and voilà, one step closer to face the reality of life.

Living life to the fullest is not having all the answers but being ready to face the questions with complete determination.

I am sure the April ride is going to be a complete Blockbuster with summer setting in here in India, vacation for school-goers, Cricket-lovers having their hands full(with the TV remotes of course), and a selected few like us who will dabble AtoZ without missing an alphabet.

This is written as a part of Theme Reveal 2019 for Blogchatter AtoZ

Image courtesy: Pin Interest

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