Blessed or not? #BlogchatterA2Z

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The second post for Blogchatter A2Z is here. The Theme “Questions you muse about” is a reading and learning experience. A conversation with your heart emotes sensitivity whereas your brain sensitizes you to reality. I hope to achieve a balance.

Today’s musing is about being blessed or not?

It is usually on a bad day that this question pops up in your mind. Then begins the comparison with others. First tip: Do not compare.

Stop thinking about the present situation (which is not easy). Divert you mind, drink some water, listen to your favourite song. Then slowly think of the fresh air you are breathing, (with the rising levels of pollution). That’s the first thing showing that your are blessed. This is reason enough for you to be blessed.

Stop suffocating yourself with unhealthy thoughts in this pure air, and move forward. Thinking ahead, always look at the larger picture and count your blessings. Not everyone lets you down, it is just a few people or a particular situation that urges you to ask yourself whether you are blessed or not. Get out of the cocoon and spend time with people who make you feel you are blessed.

Expect validation from those who respect you not from those who expect from you.

We are all blessed in some way or the other. Comparison reduces self-esteem. Hence consider yourself the best, perform (on a day-to day basis) like you are the best, and there is not stopping you from being the best.

Keep counting your blessings, and infinity is just round the corner.

Au revoir.

This post has been written as a part of Blogchatter AtoZ


Author: Srishti Rajeev

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16 thoughts on “Blessed or not? #BlogchatterA2Z”

  1. Nice valid tips each day to learn some lessons on how to keep going on with life. Nice theme and good posts.


  2. I like your post. We should count our blessings. Things could be a lot worse. Everyone may have a bad day, may be several bad days. Russians faced consecutive four years of bad days, when Hitler attacked Russia. But they survived. So every bad situation takes care of itself, even if we cannot do anything actively to the front.

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  3. When we start counting our Blessings then we realise how Blessed we are. Thanks for sharing your wonderful tips to feel Blessed today and always.

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  4. I am a big advocate of counting our blessings and follow the first tip of yours always – Never compare. You never know which battles others are fighting. Good post.

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