A Big Hello From “Questy Musings”

My Friend Alexa Season 4

Finally signed up for the Season 4 of My Friend Alexa. Its been a long time since I blogged or typed out my thoughts. Last year was fun, and am sure this year too will be a roller coaster especially with the reading. My…My the number of blogs I get access too is amazing and it motivates me to make my not so active, but close to heart website more fancy.

The Campaign or the Season begins tomorrow, brush aside your writer’s block and let your fingers fanatically type your inner voice, less thinking and more emotions will be the right mix.

Embed your blog with Twitter, join the Fb group (they have made the ride easy with simple docs), keep your reading and writing hashtags ready, check you e-mails regularly, read all the links provided and publish at least 8 posts.

Also download the Alexa Ranking Toolbar and keep checking your global rank. Believe me, it gets better after every post you publish.

Participate in the Fb live talks.

Add the sentence below in each post pubished for the campaign

I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa.

Well, I am all excited. Continue reading posts on Questy Musings. See you around.