Review of the Teaser “Ondu Sathyavaada Maathu”

Review of the teaser “Ondu Sathyavaadha Maathu”

  • Written and directed by : Shalom Florence.
  • Story : Shalom Florence.
  • Co-Director : Aakash Nair.
  • Actors : Jeevan, Supriya, Christopher, Shashank, Amartya & Anvith.
  • Cinematography : Hitesh, Chandan & Sharan.
  • Editor : Harish.

The teaser of the film “Ondu Sathyavaada Maathu” left me with many thoughts. The simple “turning on the light” and “not turning it off” quietly sneaked into climate change reminding me of the grim situation at Delhi, the mobile vibrating, the game played on it, stressing its influence in today’s global environment, the water crisis after listening to the water droplet in the dark, and the nagging reality that one tries to run away from by being engrossed in the phone.

Now for what I see and hear, the scene where we see people running intrigues me, it adds a thrilling element to the story. The use of the phone in the teaser is portrayed as a reminder for something that we are aware of and it troubles us, along with a dual side of it being irreplaceable. The actors seem comfortable in their space. The writer’s desire to express the truth is the catalyst to the making of the film.

The teaser begins with the first person plural which instantly builds a rapport with the audience . The background voice keeps one entertained and defines the 1.08 minute teaser well.

This is the first short film’s teaser by Brilliant Good movies. The movie would be uploaded tentatively on 22 November 2019. Let’s wait and look forward to “Ondu Sathyavaadha Maathu.”

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