Child Education

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The United Nations Convention on the Rights of a child is a human rights treaty which sets out the civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights of children.

It is a form of education that takes seriously the view that children are the bearers of human rights.

Eugeen Verhellen has divided the conventions provision on education aling three tracks.

  1. The child’s right to Education is based on equal opportunity to all. Free right to primary education and to accessible secondary and higher education.
  2. Child’s rights in education including right to non-discrimination, participation, protection from abuse and violence and freedom of thought, expression and religion.
  3. This refers to education where children are able to know and understand their rights and to develop respect for human rights, including their own human rights.

Countries all over the world commit themselves to the principle that children have fundamental rights as persons and that the state authorities have obligations to provide for those rights.

My simple question is as responsible adults, what is our role? Aren’t we aware that children need to be educated?

Everyone so busy in the mundane money-making… yes I call it so… forget their simple duties or responsibilities towards the society? Do we need treaties, and long written legal documents to do a good deed, to spread awareness? Let’s not make a hue and cry over things that happened, instead make a hue and cry over social issues that need immediate attention. Let us vocally try to pursuade things from the grassroot level. And it is people like you and me who can create a change.

The UN is doing its bit… are you?

Watch out for more on Child Education.

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Memorable, Eventful and fulfilling!

Hello everyone! We are in 2020 that marks the beginning of a new decade. Before stepping into it, it is time to reflect upon the previous decade, assimilate the memories, note the learning and step in with an aura of happiness.

  1. Recap

 For me the turn of the millennium 2001 was special, I stepped into motherhood. At the beginning of 2011 my little one was 10 and that’s where I could afford to get back to myself as an individual. My child is now my companion and my teacher.


To keep track of myself, I maintained a Diary, I converted it into an event diary. The next morning to what I consider event-worthy is written there, and also on Sundays, a special round-up of all that happened during the week. This immediately reminded me of Cyrus Broacha’s The Week that Wasn’t because I would also write down the things I couldn’t achieve that week.

3. The Little signs

Unknown forces fascinate me. For example, was not too sure about the career path but during my first teachers’day celebration, I received a prize in a simple “passing the parcel” game. I was elated. I still continue to do so(win prizes). Another time, I kept meeting people who would open up and talk to me about their lives and it would sound like a replica of mine, that sign gave me courage to go on with whatever is happening and not fight furiously but to put up a good fight. The other mysterious sign was the suggestion of opening an account on Medium by a dear friend. I didn’t know it was blogging. Now I do. I just listened to my heart and to the people I trust. Then I stumbled upon WordPress.

4. Learning

 In 2012 I began working, I learnt the ways of life, I learnt that Family and Friends are your support system. I learnt you have to go through the grind, no matter what. So make it interesting. This decade taught me how to live independently. Many a time I was stranded, I took decisions that I have never regretted. I regained the immense confidence I had in myself when I was a teenager. I started taking risks. Marriage changed me, Motherhood evolved within me and I was ready for the ride. I learnt how to prepare PPTs. I learnt how not to react to certain situations just to prove a point. Silence works wonders. I learnt that Preparation is the key to achieve success, brainstorming with the right people helps, if not jot down ideas and review. I learnt how to use Instagram. I can use an android gadget and an ios one too! I learnt that the Saree has its own niche. I learnt and learnt and learnt…

5. Official/Events

It was in this decade that I pursued my Masters In English Literature, completed many certification courses, resumed working and now have some thing to call my own. I attended an National Seminar at Hyderabad. I completed #MyFriendAlexa and received a certificate. I was a part of a workshop at Pondicherry that instilled within me a unique kind of freshness that helps me wake up to create my day my way.

The idea of taking stock of the decade is a wonderful concept, we keep reading it in the papers about events around the world. And here I am taking stock of myself thanks to our wonderful hosts Rashi and Manas.

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To a new beginning

When I saw the Bollyexpress theme, and messaged Alpana, she responded even though it was pretty late. And put me on to Pragun who messaged all the details immediately. Signals that I must participate. Hope you all like it.

Time changes…

She was sitting near the window, her silky hair flying towards her forehead, eyes on the phone surprisingly not swiping. She was petty glued to it. Phone was a device of communication, books were meant to delve into, not like my Supriya. I went closer to her and she reacted with a jerk.

“Hey!” I said.

“Hi” she reacted coldly but with her mesmerising smile. “I’ll get you some coffee”

Before I could say anything she hurried into the kitchen. Her phone was on the window and a known face was staring at me. Rakshith was it? No way… I muted the thought, but the eyes were keenly staring at me… I picked the phone and looked at him. of course, it was him… but how? How does Supriya know him?

She returned with my black coffee and her milk coffee. We sat down waiting for the other one to speak, I baffled… She, immersed in her thoughts. Suddenly it began to pour and we both moved backwards simultaneously.

But still we were wordless. Coffee time ended. At dinner, we were as normal as any couple would be. Later, she went to sleep, and I recalled the night that Rakshith passed away. He had an accident on the highway and I was in the hospital with him, he said I should continue my course at the college and specialize in cardiology to which I agreed immediately. He passed away at 5 to midnight on 31 Dec, 2012.

Here I realised why he asked me to specialize in cardiology, Supriya was Rakshit’s girlfriend. He had mentioned a girl in his life and I ragged him so much, he did not want to let me into his secret.

“Rakshith, Happy New Year” Supriya called out with a cake in her hand. “Thank God you didn’t fall asleep like every year!”

Supriya’s love for Rakshith never changed. It just changed form.

I didn’t reply, just watched her coming towards the table. She never mentioned him all these years, nor did I, the hero of her life, my best friend. Surprisingly, I didn’t envy him or even feel betrayed by Supriya. I felt more protective about her, as Rakshith’s responsibility. It was a strong power putting us together in the Labs, during exams and interships. Rakshith was watching us, we felt drawn towards each other in circumstances created for us.

Those days I too had just lost a dear friend and immersed myself into my studies and work, talking about Rakshith was very difficult for me and I avoided it completely. This particular incident lived with me and now I discovered how we both were meant to be together. We both loved Rakshith equally and that made us love each other immensely.

I completely agree with “Har ghadi Badal rahi hai roop zindagi”. Forms of life are changing but life isn’t. We need to live it through.

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