To a new beginning

When I saw the Bollyexpress theme, and messaged Alpana, she responded even though it was pretty late. And put me on to Pragun who messaged all the details immediately. Signals that I must participate. Hope you all like it.

Time changes…

She was sitting near the window, her silky hair flying towards her forehead, eyes on the phone surprisingly not swiping. She was petty glued to it. Phone was a device of communication, books were meant to delve into, not like my Supriya. I went closer to her and she reacted with a jerk.

“Hey!” I said.

“Hi” she reacted coldly but with her mesmerising smile. “I’ll get you some coffee”

Before I could say anything she hurried into the kitchen. Her phone was on the window and a known face was staring at me. Rakshith was it? No way… I muted the thought, but the eyes were keenly staring at me… I picked the phone and looked at him. of course, it was him… but how? How does Supriya know him?

She returned with my black coffee and her milk coffee. We sat down waiting for the other one to speak, I baffled… She, immersed in her thoughts. Suddenly it began to pour and we both moved backwards simultaneously.

But still we were wordless. Coffee time ended. At dinner, we were as normal as any couple would be. Later, she went to sleep, and I recalled the night that Rakshith passed away. He had an accident on the highway and I was in the hospital with him, he said I should continue my course at the college and specialize in cardiology to which I agreed immediately. He passed away at 5 to midnight on 31 Dec, 2012.

Here I realised why he asked me to specialize in cardiology, Supriya was Rakshit’s girlfriend. He had mentioned a girl in his life and I ragged him so much, he did not want to let me into his secret.

“Rakshith, Happy New Year” Supriya called out with a cake in her hand. “Thank God you didn’t fall asleep like every year!”

Supriya’s love for Rakshith never changed. It just changed form.

I didn’t reply, just watched her coming towards the table. She never mentioned him all these years, nor did I, the hero of her life, my best friend. Surprisingly, I didn’t envy him or even feel betrayed by Supriya. I felt more protective about her, as Rakshith’s responsibility. It was a strong power putting us together in the Labs, during exams and interships. Rakshith was watching us, we felt drawn towards each other in circumstances created for us.

Those days I too had just lost a dear friend and immersed myself into my studies and work, talking about Rakshith was very difficult for me and I avoided it completely. This particular incident lived with me and now I discovered how we both were meant to be together. We both loved Rakshith equally and that made us love each other immensely.

I completely agree with “Har ghadi Badal rahi hai roop zindagi”. Forms of life are changing but life isn’t. We need to live it through.

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Author: Srishti Rajeev

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32 thoughts on “To a new beginning”

  1. Sad happening on 31st night, but some incidents can’t be erased. But such common reasons like there love for rakshit bought them together so they can cherish it forever.
    Truly said, Life is constantly changing, it comes in chapters and we have to play our role in it.
    Lovely post that positively says to live on. Play your best and live in the moment.
    Glad to have your post on #ALPxGUN #BollyExpress.

    Liked by 1 person

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