#Day 5

#Day 5 is the first Sunday of the lockdown. 29/03/2020. India touches 1000 cases. The day I was dreading. Fingers crossed, hoping that the recovery number is as much as the cases identified.

The Maan ki Baat by the Indian PM is a radio talk to the nation. The citizens listen eagerly. This week, the PM asked everyone to increase social distancing and reduce emotional distancing. He apologized for certain decisions taken. https://www.narendramodi.in/prime-minister-narendra-modi-s-mann-ki-baat-with-the-nation-march-2020-549047

This day was busier with catching up on news I didn’t read yesterday, podcasts that I didn’t hear. And wanted to spend the Sunday relaxing. But it doesn’t happen, at the back of the mind was a fear, fear of the invisible enemy called by some nations. Still putting on a brave face. Socialising on Skype and whatsapp calls is helping maintain sanity.

Zimbabwe braces for a 21 day coronavirus lockdown. More than 31,000 casualties worldwide from the coronavirus. New York state’s coronavirus death toll is nearing 1000. The state accounts for more than 40% of the coronavirus deaths in the US.

Thoughts and questions:

  1. Today as I write about 1000 cases in India and close to 1000 deaths in the New York state, I am beginning to re-think my decision about trying to gather my days during the lockdown. It is sad. Wonder how the journalists do the reporting. They must be going through a lot? Do they get used to the alienation while reporting?
  2. I must watch/hear news at regular intervals, avoid having the FOMO.
  3. My gut instinct says India will not be affected as much as being predicted keeping in mind our population. I hope I am right. Pray.
  4. Shall take all those book recommendations, TV shows and films seriously.


#Day 4

#Day 4 is 28/03/2020, Saturday is when the US and Spain have an alarming increase number of cases. Why is it that I keep mentioning the developed countries that if they are not able to contain it, how is India going to if cases increase? I hope we don’t have to answer that.

Global domestic violence cases are on the rise. There are no specific details, just a percentage of rise. I seriously wonder what is wrong with people in general? Here it is a global situation, but no, everyone wants their way.

Each one is living with his or her insecurities, family A looks at family B in a happy space, Family A feels a vacuum. Why does one compare? Yardsticks are just to see where you are. Not to feel bad about. Take it as a challenge.

This is one of those days where I reached my peak and looked less at the news, tried to take off my mind by reading, caught up with old friends, tried to keep the Saturday like a Saturday. Feeling claustrophobic is not the way out, but that is the feeling. Thanks to the WFH (Work from Home), the feeling goes away, cooking is therapeutic, so is washing hands.

There are a sea of messages on whatsapp. At times it is a relief to see those memes and smile through this difficult phase. They also help some people understand the crisis. Take them seriously, stay home.

As of 28 March, 5;45 PM, 91 cases less than a 1000 have been reported in 27 states/Union Territories and 19 casualties reported. The four digit-mark is going to be said as thousands of people which is not pleasant. https://www.who.int/india/emergencies/india-situation-report

#Day 3

#Day 3 is Friday 27/03/2020, It has officially been announced that the United States surpassed Italy having the maximum number of cases in the world. No country want to be in the Headlines with that news.

Prince Charles and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson test positive for Covid-19. As an Indian, the picture I paint of Britain is that of a powerful country that colonised my country. I shudder thinking what the future holds with news of this gravity appearing on my phone screen.

Prince Charles and the PM will recover. And so will the others, but the fear of the virus haunts one in quarantine and isolation. Once the fear is fought with, so is the disease.

The fear, the uncertainity and the helplessness of citizens sitting at home has been defied by the work of the all doctors, medical staff and others around the country working. The ones at home derive strength from the ground warriors.

A novel, The Eyes of Darkness, published almost 40 years ago, in its fiction story mentioned a Wuhan virus as a weapon in the Laboratory. https://www.indiatoday.in/trending-news/story/-novel-predicted-wuhan-virus-40-years-before-coronavirus-outbreak-internet-is-stumped-1647261-2020-02-17 Did any health official read this book or at least read the review of the book?

I watched the movie “Contagion” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sYSyuuLk5g it is a movie strikingly close to what’s happening. Usually facts give rise to the idea of a film, here our reality has already been predicted. Did any health official watch this movie in 2011?

After that Bill Gates talked about the next outbreak in his TEdx talk https://www.ted.com/talks/bill_gates_the_next_outbreak_we_re_not_ready?language=en#t-4432 Did any health official watch this talk in 2015?

The first time the Chinese Government confirmed that health officials were treating unknown cases of pneumonia was on 31 Dec 2019. The first death in Wuhan was announced on 11 Jan 2020. The first confirmed cases outside mainland China occurred in Japan, South Korea and Thailand was on 20 Jan 2020. Did the Health officials keep track? https://www.nytimes.com/article/coronavirus-timeline.html

Working from home is a reality now. My son too has been notified of the commencement of online sessions. The internet business is booming. I must add, the service is uninterrupted and the service providers are responding instantly, doing a wonderful job.

On a personal note we can do a lot staying at home, keep yourself updated with what’s happening not only in your country but all over the world.

Questions asked. Awaiting answers.

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