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A man’s world is going to change

Here we are never ever distracted,

Not even trying to come close to your ability

We have our own fraternity.

This fraternity has your back too

We have each others’ too.

The stronger the problem

The more adamant we are on solving it.

Being Adamant is our quality

That will turn contumacious,

If the situation arises or

One of us gets tremulous.

Us as a pronoun is togetherness

We support each other and

Make this world oblivious

Of the differences that cause inequality.

Equal, Equality, Unequal and Inequality

Are words no more to be used

With respect to gender disparity

Instead use ensemble and togetherness.

Ensemble we can do things

like laugh, dance and sing

Being antic is the new zing

no need for a querulous being.

Being Tenacious, being Loquacious

can be qualities that define us.

Can we do it together?

Can we achieve greater heights together?

Yes we can, We will.

Willingness from both ends.

End the storm of differentiation

End the cracks of characterisation

Start with appreciation and

Conclude with acceptance.

Accept the mutual bond we share

Accept the opinion we have

If not, we are on our way ahead

Way ahead of what you could even dream of.

Here today I stand to nurture

respecting Mother Nature

imbibing within the next generation

the spirit of togetherness.

Hailing this spirit, are the ones

who live together, who can

take forward the plan

to the boisterous clan.

Let the clan seek determined women

knowledgeable women

who foster the proactive generation

into a pragmatic association of people.

People are the ones responsible

for everything around us,

be it happiness or sadness

We, are people for someone else

Why not get our bells together

Ring within ourselves

the never-ending chime

Ensemble we can climb the skyline.

Happy Women’s Day 2020.

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