#Day 2

Day 2 comes to an end quicker than Day 1. This is our normal now. The people at my city have understood the seriousness, after all it its the 3rd day that people are to stay at home after Janta Curfew and Day 1. Vehicles are hardly seen. Even the morning walkers who I regularly saw are probably walking in their halls, corridors and balconies.

Experts are calling this week as the beginning of the 3rd phase, which seems to be the peak, in simpler words it means the virus has spread and now cases are going to increase due to community spread. Italy is in phase 3, believe me the pics on Twitter bring tears to my eyes. And the numbers, I looked less often than before are disheartening.

As I heard this, My simple: Why not phases of closure in the end of Phase 1/Week 1 when experts realized it is a continuous spreading process? Well, I stopped going to my workplace from 14 March. Am grateful for that. That very day till our PM addressed the nation, I informed many, people reacted it to it as just some common news. People understood and felt that “over there, the situation is bad”. They didn’t see that over there can become over here!

With a large choice of channels, my YouTube feed showed The Print as I looked for Coronavirus news. Appreciate the research done and simple language used to explain Science and politics.


The Lockdown is the only available solution. It has happened, hopefully better late than not later. I have been talking to relatives, friends, colleagues. All are in complete understanding and are staying at home.

There is the news going around about the telecast of B.R.Choprs’s Ramayan, the famous TV serial on Doordashan. In our days, some women would wear a Dupatta,veil to cover their heads during the telecast out of respect towards the Godliness of the character.

On a personal level, getting a hold of online meeting apps, Skype, zoom, face time and many more. Had heard of these here and there. Now it is over here!

My questions:

  1. Why do we wait for Phase 3 when we know Phase 2 causes Phase 3?
  2. Why is Italy facing so many casualties?
  3. In spite of the Lockdown, essential services, medical fraternity, policemen, media (extra thumbs up to the cameramen for going into the lanes, entrances of hospitals ) the support staff of the Politicians, technical staff (also the ones who developed the war room.), contact mappers and delivery staff are putting in extra hours. Are they just doing a job?
  4. Why do Heath works not have sufficient Personal Protective Equipment? (PPE)
  5. If volunteers are called in, where are their PPEs?

Author: Srishti Rajeev

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2 thoughts on “#Day 2”

  1. I wish this Lock down Period bring some positive sign, Govt has taken good decision at the right time, people sincerely contributing by staying at home, but yes Equally worried For daily wages worker, who are bound to leave their places becoz of empty pocket and unfortunately victimized by the police’s punishment.

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