#Day 5

#Day 5 is the first Sunday of the lockdown. 29/03/2020. India touches 1000 cases. The day I was dreading. Fingers crossed, hoping that the recovery number is as much as the cases identified.

The Maan ki Baat by the Indian PM is a radio talk to the nation. The citizens listen eagerly. This week, the PM asked everyone to increase social distancing and reduce emotional distancing. He apologized for certain decisions taken. https://www.narendramodi.in/prime-minister-narendra-modi-s-mann-ki-baat-with-the-nation-march-2020-549047

This day was busier with catching up on news I didn’t read yesterday, podcasts that I didn’t hear. And wanted to spend the Sunday relaxing. But it doesn’t happen, at the back of the mind was a fear, fear of the invisible enemy called by some nations. Still putting on a brave face. Socialising on Skype and whatsapp calls is helping maintain sanity.

Zimbabwe braces for a 21 day coronavirus lockdown. More than 31,000 casualties worldwide from the coronavirus. New York state’s coronavirus death toll is nearing 1000. The state accounts for more than 40% of the coronavirus deaths in the US.

Thoughts and questions:

  1. Today as I write about 1000 cases in India and close to 1000 deaths in the New York state, I am beginning to re-think my decision about trying to gather my days during the lockdown. It is sad. Wonder how the journalists do the reporting. They must be going through a lot? Do they get used to the alienation while reporting?
  2. I must watch/hear news at regular intervals, avoid having the FOMO.
  3. My gut instinct says India will not be affected as much as being predicted keeping in mind our population. I hope I am right. Pray.
  4. Shall take all those book recommendations, TV shows and films seriously.


Author: Srishti Rajeev

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