#Day 7

Day 7 is 31/03/2020, Tuesday. This day in India is the end of the Financial year. It is usually a time of the year when we plan that next year we would save more, invest in mutual funds and consider any suggestion we might have missed looking into the last financial year.

This year, we are at home raring to go back to work, eager to complete undone tasks and take more care of our immunity. Health is a concern for working professionals, homemakers and the ones who think that nothing can happen to them.

March/April is also the end of the academic year for schools. Teachers look forward to the vacation, Children wait to increase their screen time and grandparents eagerly wait for their children to spend time with them. Air-tickets and train tickets were reserved in advance. Many may have cancelled them by now. The hopeful ones might wait. Hope their wait is worth it.

This viurs doesn’t seem to die down. The cases are slowly reaching higher levels everyday. The essential services are getting their act together. Things are reaching a new normal. Today I received forwards of phone numbers of local grocery stores that are open and could deliver. Amazon.in delivery is back in service.

Usually when numbers grow, one is happy, like the GDP, the marks of a student, the medals tally, goals scored, money, points in a game,etc. Here the number of cases are rising, it is alarming. We don’t want to see those numbers. The websites are updating us on the number of cases country wise, state-wise and city-wise. There is too much of information, it is not a happy feeling, yet we continue to stay at home. Doctors and nurses send out messages asking us to support them by staying at home. In fact, they are asking us to support ourselves first.

Sentences like each one of you are important for the growth of the company said at HR meetings would be received with smirks and looks. It is true there and here too. Here there is a global effect. Yes. Each of us are important. If we stay put at home and maintain basic hygiene, we can save the world.

I was reading the timeline of the coronavirus pandemic in India, it mentions the chronology of the cases contracted and mentions first victim, second, etc with the age. If the virus is contracted, if there is a casualty, one is called as Patient number XX, victim of the coronavirus. I pray it remains XX and I don’t have to put another X.


Thoughts today:

  1. Each one of us are important.
  2. Each one of us have a contribution to make.
  3. Each one of us are directly responsible for someone’s loss.
  4. Each one of us can take down this virus.


Author: Srishti Rajeev

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