#Day 8

Day 8 is 01/04/2020, Wednesday. All Fool’s day has lost its essence. I hoped someone would say to me that this was a prank and I need to get ready, set and go to work. That didn’t happen. The toll is still increasing. The virus brings along with it many other problems other than health and economic issues.

One major difference I can forsee is the reduction of physical hugs, atleast for a year. At a time when the younger generation is already spending a large amount of time on the screen, away from cousins and friends, they may not be doing it naturally as we do as soon as we see a loved one.

Another thought is for the spouse and child/children of doctors. Already we hear that the physical interaction is absloutely zero. Would doctors be able to cuddle their kids without any fear.

I already mentioned about schools maintaining distance. How about notes being written, corrected and distributed? The teacher has the maximum contact. Each change of period would require a sanitizer on the teacher’s table or the podium. All schools will find it difficult to go online very soon.

What about malls and supermarkets? Will they regularly be sanitised? Would we be back to our neighbourhood grocers. I preferred them anyways. Parking is always a problem.

Would people say bat during a word building gae? Would teachers give bat as an example as a homonym. Would China’s wet market in Wuhan still sell meat? Would … Would… Would???

I may be overthinking. I may sound pessimistic. Well, yes. But I am optimistic that we we shall overcome. And

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