#Day 9

#Day 9 is 02/04/2020, Thursday. Well… everyday is the same. All that is growing are the numbers of patients contracting coronavirus. Japan reported its largest single-day rise yet, with 97 cases. Another news that caught my attention is that Peru becomes the latest country to embrace gender-based quarantine. It comes two days after Panama began restricting movement by gender. It is being adopted due to its simplicity in visually detecting who should and shouldn’t be on the streets.


Also the use of masks is constantly being dicussed. I would just say. Wearing a mask is not harmful. If you have masks at home, use it when you go out. If you do not have masks, use a home-made mask. You’ve done your bit. Do not panic buy, the health workers need it.

Domestic violence is something that is on the news alongside the number of cases and casualties. The number of reports are increasing. Some countries are setting up hotlines and apps through which the victims can report and can be accommodated away from their abusers. I have no words to say about this. It is a serious issue.

Before the virus is contained, the mental health of people would be affected. The origin of mental health can be attributed to the work of Clifford Beers in the USA. In 2001, the WHO dedicated its annual report to Mental Health. People in general have never been open to talk about their fears, the ones who have good friends or supportive family members usually fare/have better mental health as venting out feelings is one way of moving ahead and not stocking up emotions. Keep talking to loved ones during this lockdown.


Thoughts today:

  1. There is a small statement going around on social media. When we have fresh and pure air, we need to wear masks.
  2. Expect and prepare for the worst. You will be ready for anything.
  3. Victims of domestic violence, speak up!
  4. Can we pay equal attention to mental health henceforth?
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