#Day 11

Day 11 is 04/04/2020, Saturday. Today in India, were suggestions to people not to turn off refrigerators, main switches during “the 9 minute turning off lights” announced by the Indian PM.

The PM tries to bring the nation together. Unity is strength is his mantra. With the knowledge of the health system in India, building unity among people is important.

Big Basket needs delivery personnel. Unemployed youth would be eager to join. But what would be their thoughts, what would their family think? The money or safety. If hunger is haunting them, then taking the job is an option. Difficult decisions.

There is a lot of reversal happening. The very idea of a school to promote equality among children of different strata is going to be questioned. How far will children sit away from each other? The encouraging use of public transport is at stake after a detroit bus driver dies of coronavirus. He had earlier put up a video expressing his views about a woman who had taken no measures to cover her coughing when she was on his bus.

Thoughts today.

  1. We don’t have a vaccine. Let us try all that is suggested, scientific or not as long as it is not harmful.
  2. Women remain multi-taskers managing the house. A family works together as a family.
  3. I just read a post about how children in apartments seem to have grown up suddenly and are quite happy at home. I would say it is because both the parents are giving them time. Once this crisis is sorted, do celebrate holidays.

Author: Srishti Rajeev

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