#Day 13

#Day 13 is 06/04/2020, Monday. The news that I want to share today is from a modelling by the University of Sydney which says that the prevlaence of Covid-19 in Australia could peak in mid-April and new cases reduce almost zero in July. It also adds that widespread testing to testing asymptomatic cases, a firm hold on Social distancing is required for the predicted exit strategy.


Another input is from the animal kingdom. A tiger in the New York Zoo has contracted the virus.


Central Zoo Authority advises Zoos in the country to remain on highest alert after a Tiger tests positive in New York. The last thing expected.

In Los Angeles residents can now apply for coronavirus testing. Earlier there were limits that patients over 65, having underlying medical conditions or have a weakened immune system could apply. Good news.


The pandemic is getting serious and India’s positive cases has crossed the 4000 mark. Dont’have anything to say. Just want to pray. On the home front, the lamp activity had brought in excitement that I miss it today. We are just here doing our daily tasks, interacting with the same people.


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