Education in the time of Covid-19

A couple of memes on Social media said “What! Education is not essential service, I have spent so many years of my life on it.” And many laughed over it. Well… It is essential according to me.

Reading learning, studying, assignments, test, exams, all are a part of education. So are mentors, teachers, non-teaching staff, seniors and friends. I knows students reading this would want friends on the top of the list.

Everyone is concerned about the students. They are important. They are our future. The Lockdown has been a complete change for them. Little ones are happy to see both parents together, not rushing goodbyes and missing their lunch box and water bottle the most. It is their responsibility to bring it back home safely. I am sure they have their eyes on them right now.

The school goings ones have mixed emotions, wondering whether staying at home and watching TV is better than going to school, or spending time with friends is better than being shouted at by Mom and Dad.

The teenagers are anyways in a world of their own, they would use Mom’s phone to chat with friends but how would they watch TV with Dad glued with it. Studying was the reason for not watching TV. Now what’s the reason?

University students are usually independent and think they know how much to study. They have their own devices and can pretty much manage online education if provided with good internet facilities. Still disputable. That’s for another day.

All these children, students have participated during the Lockdown teaching their parents how to use different social medium platforms, some have helped parents pay the household bills online, some have recorded videos of their mothers and grandmothers cooking and posted them on YouTube, many have learnt cooking through YouTube, some learnt grocery shopping, some learnt household chores like dusting, sweeping and washing dishes, while others posted beautiful pics of delicious meals prepared at home. I am sure they have done much more.

Charity begins at home. This is a famous idiom which means take care of your family before helping people living further away or in an another country. If each parent does just that, then education is not lost. Education is taking place in every home that has turned out to be the school for the child especially in large towns and cities.

Educations doesn’t involve only classroom teaching. An environment inculcating positive learning is a classroom. Let each household provide the education it can, so that when the students get back to the usual course they are ready.

Some call it Life Lessons. Some call it Education. I call it Learning.

Learning never stops.

This is a part of #CauseAChatter written for Blogchatter.

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