Caroline: Hey!

Pratyuksha: Hi Karls!

Caroline: So where are we going today?

Pratyuksha: Are we?!

Caroline: It is your birthday.

Pratyuksha: Sure… it is!

Caoline: So where is the party?

Pratyuksha: Oh! the party you mean. Sure, I have a place in mind. I’ll call the others, we can go by 5.

Caroline: Why so you sound different? Something’s the matter.

Pratyuksha: Do I? No!

Caroline: Yea! Uncle and Aunt are wonderful together.

Caroline: Ok, I just laze around here, we can go together.

Pratuyksha: That sounds nice! We could grab lunch together, I promised mom and dad to lunch face timing them, they’d be delighted to see you with me.

Pratyuksha: I really prefer staying home with you guys and not going out.

Caroline: Your birthday, and we must enjoy a treat and a fun-filled evening.

Pratuyksha: True! Why not at home, just a simple get-together and some heart-to-heart talk. I don’t feel like partying, I prefer spending time with mom, dad,and talk to you guys about what’s happening in your lives, and not doll-up, look around, gossip. We could dance here if you want to.

Caroline: A birthday is meant to be celebrated. A birthday is when the day is all yours, when we see to it that you are pampered and showered with all the love. Give it an evening!

Pratyuksha: Yes, that’s what I have been listening to all these years, Clichéd. T

Caroline: Clichéd! of course not. It is a celebration. We love our birthdays. We love celebrating it. We wait for that one day to burst out.

Pratyuksha: Exactly, why only that day. Yes, it calls for a celebration of birth, but not to such a large extent. I would love to do my thing everyday, I would love everyone being nice and polite everyday, I would love to see people smile everyday, I would love to see happiness everyday, why do people forget to live everyday and instead do the grind, mumble, complain, groan about things being undone, but the same thing is accepted because it is your birthday. I guess birthdays are reminders that one day is yours, 364 are mine.

Caroline: My! why do you say that? Did someone rub you the wrong way?

Pratyuksha: Hell No! I find birthdays too clichéd, the expectation of the birthday person form her/his friend to throw a surprise party. The expectation of a gift. The burden of the spouse, family on getting them presents. Well, it just makes the others who can’t afford it feel bad. And the oohs! and Aha! that is such a sweet hubby or such concerned parents. I do agree that it is a big day and gifts can be showered, let everyone keep it normal.

Caroline: I never ever thought of Birthday being clichéd, it is a way of showing affection, that is it. It is reason, it is a day, an opportunity to show love and people wait for their 18th, 50th, 60th and 75th birthday as landmarks in their lives, so as to measure how well they have lived.

Pratyuksha: Yes, it also becomes a yardstick of comparison among relatives.

Caroline: Let them be!

Pratyuksha: How can I? Listen to mom and dad today. Anyway, my opinion is that birthdays are clichéd and we need to have a birthday atmosphere all throughout the year. EVERYDAY MUST BE CELEBRATED. LIFE IS A CELEBRATION.

Caroline: Yes, I agree to that. But an extra punch on your birthday. So are we going or not?

Pratyuksha: Just because you agree. WE ARE ON!

Caroline: And here is your present. I couldn’t wait to give it to you.

Pratyuksha: Carls! Home-made cookies and cake by Uncle Cool.

Caroline: Yes, he sat up last night and baked them for you.

Pratyuksha: Aww! That wasn’t necessary! He could have just baked the cake.

Caroline: I couldn’t tell him that. He doesn’t think A BIRTHDAY IS CLICHéD. He believes it is a special day!

Pratyuksha: Thank you Karls, if not for you guys, I would be stranded in this city, I would have totally lost it. You bring back my sanity.

Caroline: But you know what, I learnt something today, I learnt that one has to celebrate life itself and not wait for special occasions, not look for reasons to celebrate, not be frustrated and fed up with the daily routine, instead work hard, then take a break. I am usually upset when I get home, looking at Dad with his bright messy apron all the time, doing what Mom used to do. Charles, gaming, and I need to do the dishes as I arrive. Maybe I’ll just take a bite of the new cupcakes he has displayed on the counter, take a shower and then do the dishes.

Pratyuksha: God! I thought I was the one with problems.

Caroline: That is what everyone thinks, but with a good friend beside you, they vanish!

Pratyuksha: Say that again! I’ll call Uncle Cool and Charles, what say should we ask them to join us this evening, we can go to a place that offers a gaming arena and excellent food with some fab-music.

Caroline: Prats, that is too much!!

Partyuksha: And someone just said their problems have vanished!!!

Don Quixote is a classic written by MIguel de Cervantes in Spanish. It follows the journey of Alonso Quijano who renames himself Don Quixote. Don Quixote enters the chivalric world in his imagination and sets off on an impractical pursuit of idealistic goals, he wants to save the world. He doesn’t accept his current reality and is determined to change what it wrong, but in a way that is not practical.

Questy Musings is a musing with a question. How do you like to celebrate your birthday? Obviously one likes to be pampered. How about the other days, do you let life treat you the other days differently? Sure, but not getting drained out. Do you enjoy life? Do you celebrate life? Are Birthdays clichéd? Do you think they are overdone, and then a vacuum on other days? Are giving presents a task or do they come out of happiness. Are receiving presents, an expectation? What happens if you don’t receive a present? or the expected present?

A Don Quixote exists in each of us, we want to change the world, the difference is he followed all the truth in the chivalry romances he had read, he stood ground for all what he wanted. Today,if someone does that, we are called crazy, insane and quixotic.

Through Quixotic conversations, discover the quixotic emotions, discover how relationships are built through emotions and conversations, and not societal norms.

Initiate conversations. Discussion, brainstorm and create a change.

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