Bon Appétit

Chef: Voilà ma chérie

Chef’s wife: Thank you so much!

Chef: Your welcome!

Chef’s wife: At home today!

Chef: This really feels at home.

Chef’s wife: Yes, I know. This is home!

Chef: Our home.

Chef’s wife: So what’s the plan?

Chef: For what?

Chef’s wife: The Diwali plan.

Chef: Yeah! Tell me about it.

Chef’s wife: We discussed about it.

Chef: Yes, we did. Tell me the final plan.

Chef’s wife: The restaurant is going to be set up in Pune. I would be travelling every weekend to Pune, have scheduled meetings in the afternoons with the manager, with the stewards in the early evening before the crowd sets in, with support staff on Saturday morning. I need to connect with them.

Chef: And the chef?

Chef’s wife: You tell me, when would be a good time to set a meeting with her.

Chef: Post 9 P.M. Dinner is usually done by then, maybe a little later. Why don’t you ask her?

Chef’s wife: Yes, will do it.

Chef: This dream project is going to be super successful.

Chef’s wife: Yes, it will

Chef: I remember the day you told me about it. A new dawn, a new you was talking to me. I was never inclined to think in this direction. You wanting to save the young adolescents and give them a life.

Chef’s wife: It isn’t me giving them a life. I have a plan,and hopefully it works.

Chef: To a layman like me who knows about nothing but the fruit and vegetable markets, the spices and kitchen, you seem to be doing something different.

Chef’s wife: Yes, it is different. There are some articles in the newspapers with journalists being skeptical, I just have my fingers crossed, my tasks completed and a daily prayer.

Chef: That’s all in place.

Chef’s wife: (Eyes closed) Can’t wait to get started.

Chef: Yes, the finest restaurant in India where the chef, the managers, the stewards, the support staff and you, my dear are all women. And the guess would be women.

Chef’s wife: I will be personally monitoring all the activities, and this will prove that women support women, and we already have the organisations all over the globe ready to offer funds.

Chef: That is news to me!

Chef’s wife: Yes, The Head Chef of Bon Appétit just called.

Chef: So where is our young lady?

Chef’s wife: She called to inform that she would be arriving directly at Pune for the opening ceremony. She said that she had messaged you.

Chef: Like father, like daughter!

Don Quixote is a classic written by MIguel de Cervantes in Spanish. It follows the journey of Alonso Quijano who renames himself Don Quixote. Don Quixote enters the chivalric world in his imagination and sets off on an impractical pursuit of idealistic goals, he wants to save the world. He doesn’t accept his current reality and is determined to change what it wrong, but in a way that is not practical.

Questy Musings is a musing with a question. What do you think of a restaurant for the women and by the women? Subtle messages get stronger by the day. A small initiative could lead to a change. There are some organisations run by women, countries run by women. Do you think we need to see more of them. Why? Why is it that I need to write this post. There is an emotion that drives these thoughts. Why does it even arise? There is an aura of inequality that exists and some choose to ignore it. I do not. And try in my small way to change it

A Don Quixote exists in each of us, we want to change the world, the difference is he followed all the truth in the chivalry romances he had read, he stood ground for all what he wanted. Today,if someone does that, we are called crazy, insane and quixotic.

Through Quixotic conversations, discover the quixotic emotions, discover how relationships are built through emotions and conversations, and not societal norms.

Initiate conversations. Discussion, brainstorm and create a change.

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Author: Srishti Rajeev

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