My January 2021 Book Basket

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My Book Basket for January 2021 is filled with books I am looking forward to read and talk about. Discussing it, sharing snippets about it and reliving the experience of reading the book is my kinda write-up.

I started reading books at a very young age, devoured on comics, novels, biographies, magazines and anything that was offered to me. Studying and reading happened simultaneously. Even when I wasn’t reading, I would keep track of the new releases, new authors, read reviews wherever possible. Reading is my way of rejuvenation.

Reading for me is sacred, it is an experience never to be forgotten. Tucked away in a corner with hot coffee, daring a wide-eyed adventure on a couch is what I vouch for, it could be a heart-warming story that fills me with never-experienced emotions. Personal stories about real people influence me greatly. Self-Help books bring within me a never-give-up attitude.

Reading is a unique experience, it helps you discover yourself, it offers answers to questions that were never phrased, it takes you places, it simmers down your bubbling emotions, it fills you with peace.

This January 2021, I hope to bring you joy with a couple of books written by first-time authors. A paper-back edition is something I cherish, and after holding the book, I just can’t wait to share my thoughts on them. They have succeeded in giving me a different perspective of life in itself. Kudos to the first-time authors of a paper-back and their amazing work.

The January Book Basket write-up would be a part of BlogaberryDazzle, S1, Jan 2021.


Author: Srishti Rajeev

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