My Book Basket – You, Me and The Universe

Name of the book: You, Me and The Universe

Author: Manas Mukul

Available as : Paper back

Released on: 17 December 2020

Published by: Manas Mukul – Self Published

Price: 199 INR

Genre: Poems on the Conspiracies of the Universe

Language: English

About the Book:

You, Me & The Universe is a collection of verses by Manas Mukul. The poems are free verses and they talk about the role Universe plays in bringing people together. The poems are woven gently with emotions that are filled with optimism.

About the Author:

Manas Mukul chose to be the Jack of trades like blogging, writing, traveling and acting while mastering his art of Joking, being an aware and responsible human. After serving seven years as Business Consultant he went on to pursue his passion for Blogging/Writing and Theatre acting. In June 2020 he completed 10 years of his writing journey and is a published author now. In his free time, he mentors budding authors and bloggers to achieve their goals. He also beta-reads and edits manuscripts. He recently c0-conceptualised and co-created and anthology The Woman That I am celebrating woman hood.

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About The Book:

You, Me and The Universe consists of 37 Poems, 29 written by Manas Mukul,2 written by Deepika Sharma, 2 written by Prachi Gunthey, 2 by Rashi Roy and 2 by Sonia Dogra. In the Poet’s words ” These are not exactly poems or stories or tales. They are in no sense only romantic. They are based on how the Universe conspires and puts us in situations that are beyond meaningful comprehensions of us mere mortals.”

My Book Talk:

The title You, Me and The Universe with the subtitle Poems on the Conspiracies of the Universe had me hooked on the minute I heard about it. Rightly enough, the poet has strongly written about the solace and hope one can find in the Universe Each one of poems is unique in its own way. The poems are in the form of a conversation, they make the reader comfortable but wonder if he/she has been through a similar situation. The free verses paint a vivid image of nature, the roads, the drenched mountains, the treacherous road and take us along with the poet where the Universe is conspiring something magnanimous, and incomprehensible, that is narrated with a sense of optimism and certainty.

I read the book over a period of 3 days, I wanted to absorb the poems, they were fascinating, each word has a strong reason to be written there, the poet has truly felt the emotions here, and it reaches the reader. My Favourite is “The Conspiracy.” In “Dream Catcher”. I loved the “Were we both dreaming the Same dream ?”

From the other Universe of Rashi Roy, Deepika Sharma, Prachi Guntay and Sonis Dongra, their poems add a unique essence to the book as a whole, where my favourite is Mom’s Universe, I wish, Till we meet again and To live or not to Live. Mom’s Universe beautifully describes the universe being crammed into the kitchen and the poet suggesting the Mom to look beyond the Kitchen delicaces. Here we see Universe in a different perspective.

The book leaves you with a positive aura. It made me rethink some situations in the past and I mulled over a couple of nostalgic emotions. It completely had me believe that The Universe conspires. I recommend this book.

The Book is available here:

Order on Flipkart here


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Author: Srishti Rajeev

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48 thoughts on “My Book Basket – You, Me and The Universe”

  1. Loved the review Srishti. I have read The woman that i am during the Blog challenge. Manas has been my mentor for two years consequently and his poems are very emotional and straight from the heart. I have bought the book but still to open it. Now after reading your review i may start today itself.

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  2. I am a big fan of Manas’s writing style, be it in English or Hindi; I love reading his blog articles. I am so willing to read the book ‘ You Me And The Universe’ by him; unfortunately, I cannot buy it on Amazon USA. Your honest review made me believe even more that Manas’s pen has managed to create another charisma once again.

    Liked by 2 people

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