My Book Basket – Postcards from India

My Book Basket for January 2021

Name of the book: Postcards from India

Author: Sinjana Ghosh

Available as : E-book and Paper back

Released on: 30 October 2020

Published by: Notion Press

Genre: Travel/Tourism

The book is available here on Amazon as an E-book and a paperback

About the Author: Sinjana Ghosh is a full-time management professional and a rookie homemaker living in India. An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagapur, she has 9 years of experience in the Technology industry. When she is not working, she is reading news and comtemplating on socio-political issues as an argumentative Indian. In other times, she travels, and explores her beloved country. She writes about travel, food and culture on her blog

Book Talk: The book according to the author is “neither a travel guide nor a travelogue, it is an unconventional anthology of stories from obscure parts of the country that will help you know India a little better and convince you to explore the off-beaten path.

Postcards from India is an engaging travel guide, appealing in a pleasant way through a series of letters (postcards the name suggests), written to the reader that contains slices of history, facts and promising information to a tourist or anyone who loves reading.

Postcards from India charmingly describes 23 tourist spots in India with an irresistible aura of simplicity. The cover, a beautiful orange, compelled me to buy the paperback. The paperback has made an effort to have the postcard rectangle taking us to the earlier days where writing postcards was a trend. It is an incredible emotion to hold the book and read it. I just loved it.

The writing has some excellent information on the soul of India,that is the villages, as said by Gandhiji “the soul of India resides in her villages”, where each place is described with an alluring spirit, it beckons you with a mesmerising questioning ability that makes you want to respond. Like “have you heard about me?” humanising the city,town/village, and usually ending the letter with an invitation to visit. It kept me completely engaged throughout.

I encourage you to read Postcards from India.

This books was written as a series of posts for And now a published

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Author: Srishti Rajeev

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24 thoughts on “My Book Basket – Postcards from India”

  1. Loved the name of the book : Postcards from India. SO true, the true culture resides in villages. Through the simple living style, villages have maintained the culture.I am sure, this book will have jewels from true India.


  2. A lovely review. I am truly enjoying your book basket series, Srishti. I had read Sinjana’s series through the A2Z challenge and loved the comprehensive guide to each location. Hope to pick up her book soon.


  3. Wow first I really like the name of book postcards of is unique and sounds so interesting. also, I had read Sanjana’s work before too, so I believe that this must be also interesting too. thanks a lot dear for sharing your honest review.


  4. So different so beautiful so catchy name ‘Postcards From India’. Name itself gives me all the feeling of Home and the pure whole heart affection to own that solace. I would love to read this book, to know more about the Indian Beauty folded in Nature.


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