My Book Basket – Dots and Streaks by Ellora Mishra

My Book Basket for January 2021

Name of the book: Dots and Streaks

Author: Ellora Mishra

Available as : E-book and Paper back

Released on: 05 November 2020

Published by: Bigfoot Publications

Genre: Poetry (Poetic Tales)

The book is available here on Amazon

About the Author:

Ellora Mishra hails from Odisha, India. She is currently residing with her husband and 5 yr old Son in The Hague, Netherlands. An alumnus of BITS Pilani, Rajasthan (B.E. Hons Chemical) & XIMB, Odisha (MBA Finance) she has around 12 years of corporate experience in IT and corporate banking spaces across organizations. She is an avid blogger and loves to pen her musings under her pen name of Ira Mishra. Her first e-book is Dots and Streaks (short poetic tales).

Book Talk: Dots and Streaks is a book with abundant verses filled with emotion 42 poetic tales, it righfully deserves the LIT Digital Award 2020. The cover is catchy, it keeps you guessing. Each tale is written with a purpose, an emotion and it also concludes with a sense of completeness. Dots and Streaks is profound and takes you through a roller coaster of personal events with images justifying the tale. The poetess has touched upon various topics like friendship, agriculture, nature, hope, the pandemic and many more. Diversity is the bond here.

My Book Talk: Pastels starts of with “So, the creator…”, I felt the book is talking to me, or should I say the poetess is talking to me. It felt like a tête-à-tête. I was participating too. That’s the sign of a great book. Reading Dots and Streaks is a dwelling. Placid and soothing at times, windy when you are trying to make peace.

Ego of the Candle and Luck’s Luck are my regular re-reads, and the one that stole my heart is “The Jigsaw Puzzle”, I read it, felt it and heaved a sigh of relief that solving the puzzle is not the ultimate goal. Read it to feel it.

Dots and Streaks stands out as a masterpiece, the first paperback of the poetess. Some of the poetic tales were written as a part of Blogchatter’s A2Z blogging event and launched first as an e-book on the Blogchatter website from where it scaled heights.

I recommend Dots and Streaks for a rendez-vous with yourself.

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Author: Srishti Rajeev

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22 thoughts on “My Book Basket – Dots and Streaks by Ellora Mishra”

  1. I had heard a lot about Ellora Mishra but never get a chance to read her book. thanks a lot dear for sharing your honest review about the book. book sounds interesting to me. will check out this for sure.


  2. Awesome review. If I find a connect to any book then that joins my bucket list of favorite books. Ellora’s Dots and Streaks sounds one such book to me. She is a wonderful writer. No wonders she has won the Orange Flower Award this year.


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