Bareilly, incomplete stories !

Kapila and Ashwin taking the road to Bareilly early next morning, their car sweeping the wind along with it, just not slowing down till 10 a.m on a Sunday. It was September when the sun is not as trail-blazing as it is usually in May.

When they slowed down to look for “the place suggested by Mahi” for breakfast, they reached right in front of “Hamara Bhojanalaya.” The vibrant entrance, the hustle and bustle between the servers and the clients immediately felt it was the best place for breakfast and they picked a table for two that had an extra chair. Ashwin looked around eagerly and spotted Kamal, who at the same time walked towards them. Kapila didn’t make it too obvious, she ordered a Gobi ka paratha with boondi ka raita, and some coffee. You can’t take the coffee from her menu, never. Ashwin, puri sabzi and lassi, of course, who wants to miss the lassi here!

With all the sumptuous food, the purpose was not forgotten, they were here for Ruhi. The clue provided by the grapes vendor’s son led them right here. Indeed the newspaper wrapped grapes had Kamal’s pic on it. Hamara Bhojanlaya was Mahi’s special spot, he loved the food here, the bhojanalaya being right in the heart of the city attracted tourists and the locals. The Panchala region has it mystic appearance and everything and everyone around here is waiting to be heard. They have stories to tell, but who has the time?

Kamal promised to meet them at 3 p.m during the lull period for a quiet chat at the chai stop, far away from Hamara Bhojalaya, he didn’t want to be seen around with new people, of course. Ashwin, packed two parathas for lunch and set off towards their destination, the chai stop, not before visiting Mahi’s school. Kapila and Ashwin sat in the car, gazing at the playground, when the dong-dong brought in a score of enthusiastic running children on the deserted playground. They quietly had their parathas with pickle and set out to the chai stop. Kamal was there, waiting for them. The minute he saw them, he ran, hugged Ashwin, muttering “kaise kare, kaise kare ?” (how do we do it ?”)

Kapila sat next to them, and waited for Kamal to calm down. Chai pehele! (Tea first!) Ashwin sipped his cup and asked Kamal “How is Shipla?”

Kamala said that she is better now. Kapila told him that they may not have time to meet her but will do so on their way back. He looked at Kapila and said to come and meet her “kaam hone ke baad” (after finishing the work”). This gave Kapila the strength to ask him what happened?

Kamal narrated the incident without batting an eyelid, he said they traveled many districts and cites, then reached a conclusion and now it is time that everything is out in the open, to which Ashwin reponded “Haan! Yeh zaroori hai” (yes, this is important).

Kamal began talking about the next destination, and was about the mention the fouth spot, when suddenly Hashim Da appeared and ordered for elaichi wali chai (cardamom tea). Kamal sneaked through the corner of the chai stop and waved away to Ashwin and Kapila.

This post is written as a part of Blogchatter A2Z

Disclaimer: This is a work of art and is completely fictional. Any resemblance is completely co-incidental.

Copyright: This cannot be represented or published anywhere without written permission from the author of this blog


Author: Srishti Rajeev

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