Chattisghar, hamara ghar

Kamal told Kapila and Ashwin to head to Chattisghar. The duo were not sure why should they be visiting the state filled with Flora and Fauna to look for Rushali and Mahi. Still they went ahead, if the signal has been provided by Mahi, then it is believable.

The drive from Bareilly took a toll on Ashwin, and Kapila was behind the wheels. The 20 hour journey was taxing, Ashwin slept on the rear seat of the Mahindra Scorpio, but was woken up by a loud break sound. It is time. Could you wake up or else I am going to go to sleep! muttered Kapila after the 4 hour drive. Ashwin immediately got up, washed his face and resumed. Kapila, great you have crossed the border and now we are closer to Ruhi.

Chattisghar and its wildlife santuries made the drive even more lonely and dificult, but the air, far away from the urban pollution, Durg, Chattisghar offered a breather.

Rushali was working on the audit of the XXX bank, when she noticed the flow not smooth. She tried looking up and questioning the documents, slips and vouchers, but in vain. Mahi was informed two days later after the discovery of a couple of thousands unaccounted for. He was quiet calmer than expected. “I know” he said, “there are some more unaccounted vouchers dropped in here and there. I was waiting to hear from you.”

“How could someone be so smart?” Rushali thought. And at the same time, she told Mahi “So let’s start the procedure!” to which he reacted “Not now”

Kapila finally found the signboard that said “Ruhi” 30kms. Overjoyed, she clicked a picture of the signboard, and marked it on Google maps.

Finally they reached the village of Ruhi, they had to wait at the post office for rushali to arrive

This post is written as a part of Blogchatter A2Z

Disclaimer: This is a work of art and is completely fictional. Any resemblance is completely co-incidental.

Copyright: This cannot be represented or published anywhere without written permission from the author of this blog


Author: Srishti Rajeev

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