Where am I?

Where am I? I am here and so are you? Why are we here? Where are you? You are where you are supposed to be. You will reach where you are destined to. After trying to discover who am I (in my previous post https://apprendre24.wordpress.com/2021/08/08/who-am-i/ ) , here I am trying to decipher where am I, despite having my address on the Adhaar card, I can still question my humble soul about its domicile. Let’s do it!

If everything was in our hands, we would have been on Space – X with Musk. Chuckle 😉

  1. The Marriage

I need to address (pun intended) the concept of marriage here, where there is a change of place for most women who go on to stay with their in-laws (of course, the trend is changing now, a little better than ever), a complete change of scene where she is a new-comer rebooting her life. A fact that I never-ever understood! Why??

But as one reaches the marriageable age, things are different, sometimes all some young ladies want is a break, and this is the perfect one (with a hubby and a Honey-Moon, not mentioning the laws that have to be abided by.. ha ha!!)

I choose to believe that a married spouse is filled with strength and can re-start over again, and the laws 😉 need a change in life-style, and therein enters the spouse stirring various emotions leading to a mush-required change. The spouse is at the right place at the right time to put the house in order!!

Note: In earlier times, I would have typed the lady instead of spouse. With changing times, lets change our vocabulary.

2. Education

This comes way before marriage; now it is more of a personal choice after School, but earlier the Hostel or Boarding school were dreaded phrases.

The education received outside the house is real and stays with you. At home, everything is taken for granted. If you went away from home to study, your have learnt life skills with education. Lucky you!

Where am I? If you are at a place that you aren’t happy, consider it a learning experience, if you are at a place that is difficult to adapt to, be it the heat, the cold, the vibes, the aura or the ambiance, try moving around things to get comfortable. I can vouch for this. Why are you in a particular place? You would know that after you leave it!

3. Your choice

Where are you? Not by luck or marriage or work, but by choice. If you are the person who made a choice and got to go there, kudos to you. You stay there irrespective whether you like it or not, YOU STAY PUT, because it is your choice.

Also your choice is through a conviction that you have very strongly stood by. The choice is always yours!!

In my opinion, where you are is the right place as of now, but if you feel the need to change, do it, however difficult.

Questy Musings is a musing with a question. I have certain questions that keep me busy when i have nothing to do. Sharing my thoughts aloud, I wonder if this post touched you and made you reflect upon certain aspects of your life, my blog, my write-up here has achieved its mission. Let me know where are you? See you around soon.

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Author: Srishti Rajeev

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