When is the right time?

Why do things happen at a particular time? Why do you say certain things at a particular time. It is most of the time (ha.. ha) at the right time. We feel that if we unwind time, we can change things, well Time Travel is close to proving that right. Herw I would like to discuss about when being the right time to do a particular action, be it a task, taking a decision or just not doing something.

  1. Now

Yes, Now is the right time to do a task that is to be done.Waiting, giving excuses, procrastinating are reasons. By now I mean if possible start, if not, start planning, or the least thinking about it. Let me give you an example, The minute you receive an invitation to attend a wedding, and decide you are going, all you think of is clothes to be worn for the mammoth occasion, then the tickets. Why? ? Because that’s where the enjoyment begins.

Similarly, when there is something you have to do start planning and eventually it would happen. But if you don’t want to do it, it doesn’t work out. It is basically because you didn’t put in the effort to do it, or plan it. Probably the least you did was to think how NOT to do it.

So, when is the right time? It is now, or never.

2. When there is deadline

Accept it, we have all gone through this, the date fixed which cannot be compromised is the deadline, if you know that it can be pushed, on would push the date with all might. That probably is because you are not very interested or you have other priorities or you consider yourself a Pro at the task.

But advice, why wait for the last minute? is an every-ready statement when another person delays or complains.

If majority of the crowd pushes the deadline, the deadline comes back alive in the form of rejection and re-working on the same project. That is also the reason so many pitches go unheard or not appreciated.

The next time you have a task, work towards it with greater speed, and that is the right time to complete it.

3. Before Time

The best example of before time is the making of YouTube videos by certain YouTubers whose work was viewed during the lockdown, be it cooking videos, educational videos, comic content or just about anything that had the right combination of music and dialogues.

When something brews, get about it and start it. Bitcons and Cryptocurrencies were buzzwords once upon not a long time back. When things are new, you would also get genuine and select information about it, but when it is all over, the sheen gets duller.

Beginning something before time will undergo many changes but that is called exploring all possibilities, because when you are closer to the deadline, all you want to do is submit

Questy Musings is a musing with a question. I have certain questions that keep me busy when i have nothing to do. Sharing my thoughts aloud, I wonder if this post touched you and made you reflect upon certain aspects of your life, my blog, my write-up here has achieved its mission. Let me know where are you? See you around soon.

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The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen for once

Albert Einstine


Author: Srishti Rajeev

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