The Best day is Today.

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Today is the best day. The image relates to the date I created it, and have a specific memory associated.

Why Today? Everyone says today is all we have, so true. Everyday is a fresh day, and today you can begin a new habit, you can set the tone for the week, Arrange your cupboard, in fact, arrange the files on the desktop, read and relax a bit.

Everyday is an opportunity, a reason to continue what we did yesterday. When the day is here, the morning is a complete game changer. Here is what you can do.

  1. Get up with a sense of calm and gratitude.
  2. Get some sunlight and fresh air.
  3. Greet your loved ones at home with a smile.
  4. Sit down and have the water or tea or coffee.
  5. Now you are ready to take on the world.

I have my days too that are totally chaotic, but I find my ground during the day or towards the end but I am aware that today must not be wasted, must not be neglected, must not be forgotten.

Sometimes people are forgotten during the day, that is because you are involved, if you regret not talking to them, make it up, because today is to be valued.

Someone is waiting for your message,

someone is waiting for that report,

someone is waiting for you to get back home early,

someone is happy to have you around.

Value them, Value the work you do today, Value the smiles and messages you receive non-work related, those friends who send you memes and you respond a day later, no…do it today.

Every moment is precious, the 30 seconds reels had generated so much of money, that is proof enough.

Mornings are best, evenings that go into planning tomorrow too are great.

So how was your day today?

This is written for WAPAD Blogchatter, and I chose this topic based on a poster I created, it is a close match of today’s topic suggestion.

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