Albert Camus

Albert Camus (pronounced as is a French author, philosopher and journalist born on 7 Nov 1913. A Nobel Prize Laureate at the age of 44 in 1957, the second youngest recipient in history, left an indelible mark in French Literature. I read his brilliant novel "L’Étranger" (1942) called "The Outsider" in UK and "The Stranger" … Continue reading Albert Camus


Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo, a French poet, novelist and dramatist of the Romantic Movement has been one of my favourite French authors. His most well-known novel “Les Miserables” that took him 17 years of research. proved popular enough with the masses that the issues were soon on the agenda of the French National Assembly. Here I discuss … Continue reading Victor Hugo

A Big Hello From “Questy Musings”

My Friend Alexa Season 4 Finally signed up for the Season 4 of My Friend Alexa. Its been a long time since I blogged or typed out my thoughts. Last year was fun, and am sure this year too will be a roller coaster especially with the reading. My...My the number of blogs I get … Continue reading A Big Hello From “Questy Musings”

Blessed or not? #BlogchatterA2Z

Photo by Pixabay on The second post for Blogchatter A2Z is here. The Theme "Questions you muse about" is a reading and learning experience. A conversation with your heart emotes sensitivity whereas your brain sensitizes you to reality. I hope to achieve a balance. Today's musing is about being blessed or not? It is … Continue reading Blessed or not? #BlogchatterA2Z


ARTICULATEQuesty Musings Many a time, there has been a situation where the conversation has led to an argument and then, a misunderstanding. Hope the "many a time" becomes "rarely" after a good read here. "Am I articulate enough?" This is a question that you can ask yourself when you recollect your thoughts about a conversation … Continue reading Am I ARTICULATE enough?

#20 Theme Reveal AtoZ 2019 “Questions you muse about “

We spend more time with ourselves than with anybody. All the time we are thinking, looking around, listening to sounds, contemplating and taking decisions based on our experience. Also we are questioning our actions  (previous ones and the ones that we are about to make). Is it the right thing to do? Why did I … Continue reading #20 Theme Reveal AtoZ 2019 “Questions you muse about “

10 things I am grateful for & 9 things I learnt during #MyFriendAlexa

I am grateful To the Almighty To Blogchatter who organised #MyFriendAlexa. To Blogchatter team who sent me the mails with regular updates. To my fellow-bloggers who responded instantly to the messages. To Twitter for providing me a platform to connect with like-minded bloggers. To WordPress who gave me my first blog. To all the people … Continue reading 10 things I am grateful for & 9 things I learnt during #MyFriendAlexa