Today has just begun. I wrote my first #100 word story/poem. https://www.momspresso.com/parenting/questy-musings/story/the-heart-knows-it More thoughts on the same idea follow. The beginning is always difficult, once you catch steam there is nothing stopping you. Do what your heart tells you. Here are 16 tips to follow your heart. Spend more time with yourself. Once you are … Continue reading #16


Hi-Five Teens

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.comB: I remember it's you dad's birthday. C: Then why don't you give him some ideas. I am already tired after a long session of Math. D: Why not get tickets for his favourite movie? A: Yeah!  That sounds like a wonderful idea. My dad loves Bollywood movies and my mom, Hollywood. … Continue reading Hi-Five Teens

Cinquième Préférence

via Daily Prompt: Prefer I prefer English today, I want a larger audience. I prefer to write, I want to say something. I prefer to smile, I want to be happy. I prefer to be strong, I want to stand against the tide. I prefer to dance, I want to groove to the music. I … Continue reading Cinquième Préférence

4 rules to Trademark

via Daily Prompt: Trademark Hello... Here we are again trying to make a mark on this beautiful world. I hope we don't leave a stain. Trademark is a logo, or the USP of a company or a product. We are not products or company to have a trademark. But we have to leave this world … Continue reading 4 rules to Trademark