10 things I am grateful for & 9 things I learnt during #MyFriendAlexa

I am grateful To the Almighty To Blogchatter who organised #MyFriendAlexa. To Blogchatter team who sent me the mails with regular updates. To my fellow-bloggers who responded instantly to the messages. To Twitter for providing me a platform to connect with like-minded bloggers. To WordPress who gave me my first blog. To all the people … Continue reading 10 things I am grateful for & 9 things I learnt during #MyFriendAlexa



Today has just begun. I wrote my first #100 word story/poem. https://www.momspresso.com/parenting/questy-musings/story/the-heart-knows-it More thoughts on the same idea follow. The beginning is always difficult, once you catch steam there is nothing stopping you. Do what your heart tells you. Here are 16 tips to follow your heart. Spend more time with yourself. Once you are … Continue reading #16

Hi-Five Teens

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.comB: I remember it's you dad's birthday. C: Then why don't you give him some ideas. I am already tired after a long session of Math. D: Why not get tickets for his favourite movie? A: Yeah!  That sounds like a wonderful idea. My dad loves Bollywood movies and my mom, Hollywood. … Continue reading Hi-Five Teens

Four Teens

A: Hi Guys! what's new? B: Nothing... holidays are usually boring. C: Yes... Parents around. A: So what? D: Nice to have them at home. Or else they are usually all dressed and hurrying? B: It's better that way. At least they don't tell us what to do. A: Why does someone have to tell … Continue reading Four Teens

Tending Towards Tens

via Daily Prompt: Tend Hello... Today I wanted to write but landed up reading and then saw the post Tend. Exactly the word I was looking for. It meant "write"(for me). The dictionary meaning for tend says     " to kindle, to ignite, light, inflame, set on fire, burn." Here for me it kindled the … Continue reading Tending Towards Tens

Seven colours of you

We often talk of the seven colours of the rainbow, primary colours and secondary colours.  A rainbow has always fascinated me a a child (apart from being the most colourful picture in the science text book). I always wanted to see a rainbow and would stand in the balcony immediately after the rain (irrespective whether … Continue reading Seven colours of you