When the clock strikes 12

Today is a busy day! I’ve heard a zillion times. Everyone loves to be busy… either on their phone or laptop, and if everyone catches someone doing nothing, they call someone lazy.

But how productive is everyone?

Well, working at the right time matters the most. We all experience an alertness peak, where our performance is exceptional and work gets done quickly. This alertness peak is the ultradian rhythm which lasts for about 90-120 minutes and is periodic with a break of about 15-20 minutes.

I chose this topic as my musing for the day as I had experienced this without knowing that such a rhythm exists.  I had observed this about 7 years back when I discovered that the most daunting task/job would be easily completed during this period. And moreover, I could handle interuptions with ease, that’s the icing on the cake. And then fatigue and dullness sets in. I would be back in form after a while. I did understand that working causes fatigue but what I understood later was that it occurs in periodic intervals.

With reading too, I would read a particular paragraph and again go back to it in search of connectivity with the plot. This made me realise that I wasn’t focused. Taking a break helped. The break could last upto 20 minutes not more. Most people find post-lunch a difficult time, surprisingly for me it is my ultradian rhythm period of the day (with a cup of tea, of course).

For some, the alertness peak is early in morning, for others, it could be late night. Each one has their ultradian rhythm depending on their body clock and psychological mindset. Find your ultradian rhythm, note down your productive hours, energy levels at different hours on each day and you will have the right data.

So next time you find someone doing nothing, you know he/she is gearing up for the alertness peak.


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