E-Book Talk: Life Is An Ocean: Myriad Of Emotions

Shades Of Human Emotions

Name of the E-book: Life Is An Ocean: Myriad Of Emotions

Author: Archana Srivastava

E-Book Released on: 21 May 2021

Available on: The Blogchatter website: https://www.theblogchatter.com/download/life-is-an-ocean-myriad-of-emotions

Number of pages: 77

Genre: Self-help

Book Blurb as given in the book
In the eBook Life Is An Ocean: Myriad Of Emotions, the author Archana Srivastava has attempted to comprise the different shades of human emotions to which every human certainly encountered at least once or more in life.
The screening and acknowledgment of all the positive and negative, spoken and unspoken, feelings is essential to flourish one’s personality. Be it appreciation, face off with guilt, sacrifice, or listening to the gut feeling, and many more, this eBook will serve every possible tactics to deal with, right the moment it knockdown in the most practical way rather than preaching way. In the end which makes a huge impact on one’s thought process.
Read the book and take the dive to enjoy the ocean of life, the tides of emotions may frighten you. However, it can’t drown you if you know to swim with and against the flow both ways.

About the book: Life Is An Ocean: Myriad Of Emotions by Archana Srivastava is a breezy read. It is a self-help book in simple language. It deals with emotions that can be handled. The author had vividly expressed several emotions and most importantly, some related to social media which is The need of the hour. The author talks about unconscious bias, WhatsApp Group Bullying and many emotions that are often passed off as it is Ok. The author, I believe wants to tell the reader: Take note of every emotion and react appropriately.

The minute I saw the cover and read the title of Life Is An Ocean: Myriad Of Emotions, I felt completely in sync with the book, and wanted to read it instantaneously, The wild, strong ocean waves are clearly comparable to our thoughts that go wild, crazy and sometimes create a tsunami of emotions that overwhelm us. As I began reading, it felt like brilliant suggestions being put across in simple language, and at the end, it left me with some deep self-reflection. Jazz up your life and People we meet are my favourite chapters. I have re- read them a numerous times. Sow The Seed Of Sacrifice For Better Future has been well-explained.

The book has its high when the author delves deep into personal validation. The suggestions there are well, applicable to all. The author can work on the aligning and slight edits on the language. Baring this, the book communicates the message loud and clear. The infinite emotions experienced during a lifetime must be experienced and handled with prudence.

I quote from the book. Your honesty towards yourself will attract the honest people around you. This is so true and i have experienced this myself. Your emotions are valid is another favourite quote from the book, it is a life-saver on a bad day. The author has given references from a couple of websites to substantiate the right way of dealing with these emotions. After reading the book, I could feel a positive and refreshing energy urging me to get on a flight of happiness and jazz up my life. Download the book immediately to deal with emotions the right way keeping guilt and sadness away.

About the author:

Archana Srivastava is an MBA Graduate specialized in HR and Marketing streams. She started her career with the telecom Company Bharti Airtel as an HR Professional. Later, she shifted to academic field and continued to share her knowledge as a Faculty Member in renowned Management Schools of India. Marriage and motherhood gifted her a short break from work. She resumed to offer her academic services as a Guest Faculty. She pens her thoughts on her blog archusblog.com. Her Hindi Poetry Meri Maa, dedicated to her mother, has been a part of an anthology Maa Ek Ehsaas available on Amazon. She is also a published author of an E-Book Bolly Talkies released in year 2020. Click here https://www.theblogchatter.com/download/bolly-talkies-by-archana-srivastava to download the book for free. In Bolly Talkies, she analyzed different shades of specific characters, which have etched a place in the heart and mind of society through their stellar performances in various Bollywood Movies.

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Questy Musings is a musing with a question. I am a refreshed and eneregised after reading Archana Srivastav’s E-book Life Is An Ocean: Myriad Of Emotions Shades of Human Emotions. What do you think about my talk, the quotes, the E-book talk as a whole? What are the emotions yo experienced while reading the e-book talk. ? If this E-book talk touched you and made you reflect upon certain aspects of your life, my blog, my write-up here has achieved its mission. See you around soon.

My January 2021 Book Basket


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My Book Basket for January 2021 is filled with books I am looking forward to read and talk about. Discussing it, sharing snippets about it and reliving the experience of reading the book is my kinda write-up.

I started reading books at a very young age, devoured on comics, novels, biographies, magazines and anything that was offered to me. Studying and reading happened simultaneously. Even when I wasn’t reading, I would keep track of the new releases, new authors, read reviews wherever possible. Reading is my way of rejuvenation.

Reading for me is sacred, it is an experience never to be forgotten. Tucked away in a corner with hot coffee, daring a wide-eyed adventure on a couch is what I vouch for, it could be a heart-warming story that fills me with never-experienced emotions. Personal stories about real people influence me greatly. Self-Help books bring within me a never-give-up attitude.

Reading is a unique experience, it helps you discover yourself, it offers answers to questions that were never phrased, it takes you places, it simmers down your bubbling emotions, it fills you with peace.

This January 2021, I hope to bring you joy with a couple of books written by first-time authors. A paper-back edition is something I cherish, and after holding the book, I just can’t wait to share my thoughts on them. They have succeeded in giving me a different perspective of life in itself. Kudos to the first-time authors of a paper-back and their amazing work.

The January Book Basket write-up would be a part of BlogaberryDazzle, S1, Jan 2021.

Bon Appétit

Chef: Voilà ma chérie

Chef’s wife: Thank you so much!

Chef: Your welcome!

Chef’s wife: At home today!

Chef: This really feels at home.

Chef’s wife: Yes, I know. This is home!

Chef: Our home.

Chef’s wife: So what’s the plan?

Chef: For what?

Chef’s wife: The Diwali plan.

Chef: Yeah! Tell me about it.

Chef’s wife: We discussed about it.

Chef: Yes, we did. Tell me the final plan.

Chef’s wife: The restaurant is going to be set up in Pune. I would be travelling every weekend to Pune, have scheduled meetings in the afternoons with the manager, with the stewards in the early evening before the crowd sets in, with support staff on Saturday morning. I need to connect with them.

Chef: And the chef?

Chef’s wife: You tell me, when would be a good time to set a meeting with her.

Chef: Post 9 P.M. Dinner is usually done by then, maybe a little later. Why don’t you ask her?

Chef’s wife: Yes, will do it.

Chef: This dream project is going to be super successful.

Chef’s wife: Yes, it will

Chef: I remember the day you told me about it. A new dawn, a new you was talking to me. I was never inclined to think in this direction. You wanting to save the young adolescents and give them a life.

Chef’s wife: It isn’t me giving them a life. I have a plan,and hopefully it works.

Chef: To a layman like me who knows about nothing but the fruit and vegetable markets, the spices and kitchen, you seem to be doing something different.

Chef’s wife: Yes, it is different. There are some articles in the newspapers with journalists being skeptical, I just have my fingers crossed, my tasks completed and a daily prayer.

Chef: That’s all in place.

Chef’s wife: (Eyes closed) Can’t wait to get started.

Chef: Yes, the finest restaurant in India where the chef, the managers, the stewards, the support staff and you, my dear are all women. And the guess would be women.

Chef’s wife: I will be personally monitoring all the activities, and this will prove that women support women, and we already have the organisations all over the globe ready to offer funds.

Chef: That is news to me!

Chef’s wife: Yes, The Head Chef of Bon Appétit just called.

Chef: So where is our young lady?

Chef’s wife: She called to inform that she would be arriving directly at Pune for the opening ceremony. She said that she had messaged you.

Chef: Like father, like daughter!

Don Quixote is a classic written by MIguel de Cervantes in Spanish. It follows the journey of Alonso Quijano who renames himself Don Quixote. Don Quixote enters the chivalric world in his imagination and sets off on an impractical pursuit of idealistic goals, he wants to save the world. He doesn’t accept his current reality and is determined to change what it wrong, but in a way that is not practical.

Questy Musings is a musing with a question. What do you think of a restaurant for the women and by the women? Subtle messages get stronger by the day. A small initiative could lead to a change. There are some organisations run by women, countries run by women. Do you think we need to see more of them. Why? Why is it that I need to write this post. There is an emotion that drives these thoughts. Why does it even arise? There is an aura of inequality that exists and some choose to ignore it. I do not. And try in my small way to change it

A Don Quixote exists in each of us, we want to change the world, the difference is he followed all the truth in the chivalry romances he had read, he stood ground for all what he wanted. Today,if someone does that, we are called crazy, insane and quixotic.

Through Quixotic conversations, discover the quixotic emotions, discover how relationships are built through emotions and conversations, and not societal norms.

Initiate conversations. Discussion, brainstorm and create a change.

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