Book Review of Hats, Hoods and Humiliation by Hiranya Verma

Name of the book: Hats, Hoods and Humiliation

Author: Hiranya Verma

Released on: 5 May 2020

Genre: Self-help E-book, Children and Young Adult

Cover design: Hiranya Verma

Illustrations : Hiranya Verma and Vidhu Bhatnagar

Book Blurb: This is a book to help those young children struggling to realise or let go their humiliation in their past or present lives. This book has easy to follow step wise simple techniques to handle everyday emotions. Designed for young kids by one of their own, this book is a good and easy read for anyone.

About the author: Hiranya Verma is a ten year old girl, studying in Kochi. She was born in Mumbai on 25 June 2009 and her parents are Dr. Vidhu Bhatnagar and Dr. Rohit Verma. She has an elder brother, Kaustubh, with whom she shares a brilliant equation. Her hobbies are drawing, painting, reading and writing. She also plays the keyboard.

Hats, Hoods and Humiliations is an E-book that strikes a chord with the reader. It is a self-help book that discusses various emotions and people a child has to deal with during the wonderful period called childhood (also pre-teen). The book has a strong introduction that sets the right tone for the reader to understand that this book is a must-read. Each chapter delivers its best and “Points to Ponder” will make you pensive. There is a Little Quiz at the end of the book that weaves the whole idea of the book together.

Hats, Hoods and Humiliation gives life lessons. Childhood is described from the eyes of a ten year old, her thoughts, her feelings and hands down some amazing suggestions in the bargain. The author narrates relatable real-life instances. These anecdotes are a guiding light with apt suggestions on how to handle humiliation, self-pity, bullies, guilt, siblings, friends, apologizing and much more. My favourite is Ms. She-Godzilla. ( You need to read the book to know more). The talk on Secret personality requires a mention. At the age of 10, the author has read the people around her so well that this subject has crept its way here. I particularly appreciate the use of the word little throughout the book, sometimes it is used to tone down the seriousness of the phrase, like in the title of Chapter 5: A Little Bit of Bad and A Lot of Good, a little scolding and this bothersome little sensation from other chapters. The toning down helps children understand that these are little things in life and can be handled. It gives the book a positive aura.

I personally liked Hats, Hoods and Humiliation, it took me back in time. The write-up on Affirmations is my take-away from this book. Hats, Hoods and Humiliation should be at all school libraries, with a must-read tag. Parents and teachers too, must read it in order to understand certain situations. In fact, an adult too, can benefit a great deal from it. The author has done an excellent job by expressing her thoughts in simple words. The Cover design and illustrations add immense value to the book. They are created by the author and Vidhu Bhatnagar. I recommend Hats, Hoods and Humiliation by Hiranya Verma. It will make a difference in your path ahead in life. Also Hiranya loves the experience called life.

You can buy the book here:

Review of Dreams Decoded, E-book by Ujjwal Mishra


Name of the E-book: Dreams Decoded

Name of author: Ujjwal Mishra

Number of pages: 72

Date of Release: 25 May 2020

Available: On the Blogchatter website free for a limited period

Ujjwal Mishra is an engineer by profession, now a full-time blogger and writer. A writer for many portals like jobsforher, womens web, babychakrname a few. She has worked with many brands like Nestle, SC Johnson, Tropicana, Mother Dairy and many others in association with momspresso. She writes about Moms in modern times and their tryst with career and family along with writing on social issues, childcare and musings. This is her second e-book.

Dreams decoded is an insightful e-book launched during the Blogchatter Ebook carnival. It throws light on the interpretation of dreams. The books helps one understand his or her dreams better. The book has covered various situations in dreams as well as God, babies, people, animals, birds and rodents appearing in dreams. It begins with defining a dream and talks about the different kinds of dreams. The book has 25 chapters and each chapter is filled with an elaborate explanation about what could be the reason of the occurrence of the dream. Small details in each dream has been interpreted well, and it can be understood, thanks to the simple language used here.

I personally enjoyed reading the book. Dreams are the visual images of our understanding of a certain situation. The book decoded many situations that I have experienced in my dreams. The book being scientific in nature has taken care to explain dreams in a simple and unique way. The interpretation of various birds is very interesting.

The book discusses problem-solving with the interpretation of a dream. It gives suggestions like a self-help book to see through the dreams to improve the quality of your present life situation.

The books has touched upon relevant day-today issues, however it would benefit from a tighter editing. Readers would relate to most of the situations mentioned in the book.

Overall the book is a excellent, informative read. It allows one to understand different situations better. Downlaod your copy here:

Do remember, it is available free only for a limited period.

Education in the time of Covid-19

A couple of memes on Social media said “What! Education is not essential service, I have spent so many years of my life on it.” And many laughed over it. Well… It is essential according to me.

Reading learning, studying, assignments, test, exams, all are a part of education. So are mentors, teachers, non-teaching staff, seniors and friends. I knows students reading this would want friends on the top of the list.

Everyone is concerned about the students. They are important. They are our future. The Lockdown has been a complete change for them. Little ones are happy to see both parents together, not rushing goodbyes and missing their lunch box and water bottle the most. It is their responsibility to bring it back home safely. I am sure they have their eyes on them right now.

The school goings ones have mixed emotions, wondering whether staying at home and watching TV is better than going to school, or spending time with friends is better than being shouted at by Mom and Dad.

The teenagers are anyways in a world of their own, they would use Mom’s phone to chat with friends but how would they watch TV with Dad glued with it. Studying was the reason for not watching TV. Now what’s the reason?

University students are usually independent and think they know how much to study. They have their own devices and can pretty much manage online education if provided with good internet facilities. Still disputable. That’s for another day.

All these children, students have participated during the Lockdown teaching their parents how to use different social medium platforms, some have helped parents pay the household bills online, some have recorded videos of their mothers and grandmothers cooking and posted them on YouTube, many have learnt cooking through YouTube, some learnt grocery shopping, some learnt household chores like dusting, sweeping and washing dishes, while others posted beautiful pics of delicious meals prepared at home. I am sure they have done much more.

Charity begins at home. This is a famous idiom which means take care of your family before helping people living further away or in an another country. If each parent does just that, then education is not lost. Education is taking place in every home that has turned out to be the school for the child especially in large towns and cities.

Educations doesn’t involve only classroom teaching. An environment inculcating positive learning is a classroom. Let each household provide the education it can, so that when the students get back to the usual course they are ready.

Some call it Life Lessons. Some call it Education. I call it Learning.

Learning never stops.

This is a part of #CauseAChatter written for Blogchatter.