The Eighteen – year old

The bell rang and she entered, Mom... tomorrow I am going to be eighteen. Isn't it special? Yes... Yes... Tomorrow you are going to be a big girl. Little did the eighteen year old know that her Mom had been waiting for this day and dreading it as well. Aww... Mom, that's so sweet, but … Continue reading The Eighteen – year old


Nine (t)1(mes) nine is a (w)eighty one

Questy Musings

“Les Français font trois repas par jour. Les enfant prennent souvent un goûter après l’ecole.” This is what a french book says. The french take three meals a day. Children often take a snack after school

Here in my part of the universe we have 3 meals, 2 snacks/fruit/salad breaks, 3 tea/coffee breaks and 1 anytime snack.

This is us. And if I miss any of these at the end of the day… I feel incomplete. This is how we are. Food is an integral part of our life. I am saying this on behalf of all the people I know well. If anyone is offended, I switch to I henceforth. ( As If I care)

Food is comfort, food is energy, food is a means of continuing our journey on this planet. The diet-freaks, the sportziastics, the homme d’affaires, the mannequins of France, the Judges of reality shows, the…

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Hum Saath Saath hain

  Being together is a wonderful feeling if you are with the right person/people. Living with the right kind of people is extremely important. The routine, the grind gets much simpler and doesn't feel like a GRIND if you are with someone who understands you. Today's apprentisage (learning) from Questy Musings is how to make … Continue reading Hum Saath Saath hain

At the 11th hour

My First post to #MondayMusings as we crawl into early Tuesday. For me it's still Monday... so here we are. Monday is an energetic day only if your Sunday was spent sans energy. Today was no different. Enthusiasm, bubbles of eagerness to complete the week's tasks took me through the day. Basically through the week. … Continue reading At the 11th hour

Post Eight Years

Its been eight years that I started teaching (in a big way), and the satisfaction is immense. My website's name itself is "apprendre24" that translates into learn/teach 24 hours a day. Some people find it uninteresting to learn as "Learning happens only in school" and nobody wants to be "taught". But I stick to my … Continue reading Post Eight Years

A day before the 6th Jan, 2018

c'est le jour de travail et le jour de se reposer. j'en ai fait deux. Quand on aime son travail, on fait ça. Les pensés de la jour... Amuse-toi le moment qui passe... ne pense plus de la situation, c'est parfait pour toi et vous êtes là. Les personnes qui sont autour de vous ont … Continue reading A day before the 6th Jan, 2018