Today has just begun. I wrote my first #100 word story/poem.


More thoughts on the same idea follow. The beginning is always difficult, once you catch steam there is nothing stopping you. Do what your heart tells you.

Here are 16 tips to follow your heart.

  1. Spend more time with yourself.
  2. Once you are there (with yourself), observe your ideas.
  3. Write/Type them down.
  4. Pay keen attention to the people you think of.
  5. They would usually be the ones you love or hate, or love to hate for whatever reason.
  6. Make note of them.
  7. Revisit your last meeting/intense conversation with them.
  8. Surely there is a connection between  your idea/thought and that person. Find it.
  9. Either that person is encouraging your idea or restricting it.
  10. Try and reason out why?
  11. Focus on your thoughts again.
  12. Similar thoughts, pursue it.
  13. Different thoughts.
  14. Reason out why?
  15. Finally wind up for the day.
  16. The next day if you have point 2 ideas recurring, you are an independent thinker. Go for it.


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Hi-Five Teens

anniversary art birthday bow
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

B: I remember it’s you dad’s birthday.

C: Then why don’t you give him some ideas. I am already tired after a long session of Math.

D: Why not get tickets for his favourite movie?

A: Yeah!  That sounds like a wonderful idea. My dad loves Bollywood movies and my mom, Hollywood. How do we work that out?

B: By directing a ho-bo-wood movie with Priyanka Chopra and Tom Cruise. Sorry…Nick Jonas.

C: That’s not cool. I prefer Tom cruise not Priyanka Chopra.

A: Guys, not a movie… something that he would remember.

D: Why not ask you mom to make his favourite dish?

B: My mom is always in the kitchen, why do you want moms to be in the kitchen, give his mom some breathing space!!

A: Thanks buddy.

C: Whatever.

A: Okay, I think  it’s time for me to think. Mom and I want to give something personal, filled with memories which would last a lifetime.

D: My.. My…My… you sound so romantic.

A: Yes, any problem?

D: Not at all, I am liking this conversation. Let’s see… personal, memories and long-lasting.

C: Long-lasting could be a painting like Mona Lisa. Till date the smile has lasted and different people have different views about it.

B: And memories is an thought which gives you a happy vibe.

A: Now my friends sound like MY friends, let the talk go on.

D: Personal is something given which a person uses regularly or at least looks at everyday with love, am I right?

A: I think so.

C: How about an Instagram story wishing your dad, with your mom and you saying Happy birthday to him? Wouldn’t that be cool?

A: Of course it would be cool and hot at the same time!! And it’s not for everyone, I want it to be only for Dad.

D: Then I think you should get an image of you and your mom with a speech bubble saying “Happy Birthday”.

A: That sounds interesting. It has a personal touch, it would last a life time and what better memory than mom and me.

C: Where would you get one so soon?

D: I can make it on Insta. Just watsapp me a pic of your mom and you together.

A: Sure, can we get it printed and framed today?

D: Anything is possible in today’s world.

C: Why don’t we get it sketched? It’s trending nowadays.

B: My mom can do it. We could ask her. (In a hushed tone!)

C: Why not?

D: Yes, after college. His mom makes delicious cutlets. Sorry, but I don’t want to send her to the kitchen.

B: That’s fine. You can fry them and eat them too, today she’ll sketch.

D: Super!! I am in.

A: Wait on people! Decision without the main person. It’s my dad’s birthday.

C: I am also in… For the  cutl… sketch! Personalised sketch.

A: Wouldn’t it be a bother for your mom!

B: Not at all! She would love it.

A: I’ll just call mom and confirm.

A: She says fine and has invited you all for dinner today!

C: Yuhooo! No studying today!

D: I think my parents too wouldn’t mind, but I shall confirm.

A: Come on, I’ll ask mom to talk to aunty.

B: The party begins at my place.


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Four Teens

photo of four girls wearing school uniform doing hand signs
Photo by 周 康 on Pexels.com

A: Hi Guys! what’s new?

B: Nothing… holidays are usually boring.

C: Yes… Parents around.

A: So what?

D: Nice to have them at home. Or else they are usually all dressed and hurrying?

B: It’s better that way. At least they don’t tell us what to do.

A: Why does someone have to tell you what to do, if you do what you have to do.

C: They are all the time lecturing us on time management, mobile and studies. No more topics left under the sun to discuss.

B: True that!

D: We discuss politics, bollywood, hollywood, and even relatives.

A: Don’t you tell them about your friends and teachers?

C: Friends!! The minute I say friend… there is a siren at home.

A: Why?

C: My friends are categorised into two sections; one whom I call friends and the second set consists of whom my parents call my friends. Hence, I detest talking about friends.

D: Then what do you talk about?

C: I don’t talk… I listen.

A: Ok, now listen to me… Ha… Ha… ok hear this, the reason I called you all is that today is my Dad’s birthday and mom wants to give him a surprise but she doesn’t know what and how. Pool in some ideas!

B: Does you mom discuss all this with you? Great!

A: Of course. Why?

B: My mom is always in the kitchen when I am around. I don’t even think she remembers Dad’s birthday.

A: And on holidays?

B: She takes art sessions.

A: Wow, she is an artist.

B: Yes, and when she is free she is busy cooking for us, and only telling me to either study or arrange my cupboard.

D: Guess what I found when I arranged my cupboard last week. Our UNO pack of cards that we used to play every summer vacation.

C: My dad keeps telling me to clean my shelf and study table, as if I am even going to study.

A: Why… don’t you study?

C: Who studies all the time? I study only for the exams.

B: Same here, but I do a little math homework otherwise a call goes to my Dad.

A: Anyway guys, it’s my Dad’s birthday…

D: We remember… how about getting a cake?

A: I have done that. Something different.

B: Why different? Is you dad going to appreciate it. All that my dad would say “you shouldn’t have spent so much money”.

A: I don’t want to think about that. My mom and I want to surprise him… that’s her idea. Do you get it?

B: How will I get it when my dad surprises me every time with a new reason to shout at me?

A: That’s ridiculous. Why does your dad shout at you?

B: That’s because he doesn’t like me.

A: Why doesn’t he like you? What does he say that makes you feel that way?

B: He calls me useless all the time.

A: And why do you think he does that?

B: Because when he comes home, I am sleepy and just lazing around.

A: Do you greet him when he comes?

B: No

A: Do you tell him about your school?

B: No

A: Then what do you do?

B: Nothing.

A: No wonder he calls you useless.

C: ha.. ha.. ha… hee… hee… hee…

A: Quiet here, My Dad’s bithday is coming to an end dicussing his dad, and you are laughing.

C: Sorry Dude.

D: My dad walks in with a contagious smile and always has something hilarious to tell us.

B: My dad is hilarious, he walks in with the phone on one ear, walks straight into the room, and comes back with the phone on the other ear.

A: I think you must have dinner with your dad and prove it to him that you are not useless.

B: Tried that too… he only asks how much did I study today and whether I have a test tomorrow? For both which I always reply in the negative and this upsets him. And then he goes back to the ear-changing action on the phone.

C: I sneak into my room the minute dad comes. He’a always asking me silly things like do you know what happened in the parliament today?

D: I wait for my Dad.

B: I  go to sleep before he arrives.

A: It’s my Dad’s birthday today!!!!



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A Baker’s Dozen

A baker’s dozen is the number 13. In Medival England, the bakers were penalised or fined if the bread was not the right weight. They tossed in the extra one and played safe, and this term was coined.

I am totally in sync with this phrase. Let us be prepared always a little extra not for the fear of being fined, but to perform well. Some people do just the job required, I have heard the phrase “I will do what I have been told” many a times. Yes, but going one step ahead and knowing the reason for performing the task too adds value to it. Knowing the bigger picture helps with the task being completed in a natural way.  

I recall a quote of Jennifer Holliday:

A lot of times we base things on our immediate circumstance. We don’t see the big picture for our lives. We don’t love ourselves. We don’t have a way of gauging the future.

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When the clock strikes 12

Today is a busy day! I’ve heard a zillion times. Everyone loves to be busy… either on their phone or laptop, and if everyone catches someone doing nothing, they call someone lazy.

But how productive is everyone?

Well, working at the right time matters the most. We all experience an alertness peak, where our performance is exceptional and work gets done quickly. This alertness peak is the ultradian rhythm which lasts for about 90-120 minutes and is periodic with a break of about 15-20 minutes.

I chose this topic as my musing for the day as I had experienced this without knowing that such a rhythm exists.  I had observed this about 7 years back when I discovered that the most daunting task/job would be easily completed during this period. And moreover, I could handle interuptions with ease, that’s the icing on the cake. And then fatigue and dullness sets in. I would be back in form after a while. I did understand that working causes fatigue but what I understood later was that it occurs in periodic intervals.

With reading too, I would read a particular paragraph and again go back to it in search of connectivity with the plot. This made me realise that I wasn’t focused. Taking a break helped. The break could last upto 20 minutes not more. Most people find post-lunch a difficult time, surprisingly for me it is my ultradian rhythm period of the day (with a cup of tea, of course).

For some, the alertness peak is early in morning, for others, it could be late night. Each one has their ultradian rhythm depending on their body clock and psychological mindset. Find your ultradian rhythm, note down your productive hours, energy levels at different hours on each day and you will have the right data.

So next time you find someone doing nothing, you know he/she is gearing up for the alertness peak.


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At the 11th hour

My First post to #MondayMusings as we crawl into early Tuesday. For me it’s still Monday… so here we are.

Monday is an energetic day only if your Sunday was spent sans energy. Today was no different. Enthusiasm, bubbles of eagerness to complete the week’s tasks took me through the day. Basically through the week. Someone used to say (still says), if the Monday goes well,  all the days of the week will. Okay I agree… on on some Mondays.

Today was a day well spent at work, listened to great advice from a close friend, completed a daunting task, cooked a great meal, and started of Monday Musings. What more can one ask for. The freshness of a Monday is like the dewdrop on a bloomed flower, it’s also like the neatly folded towel waiting to freshen up the week or the cry of a newborn waiting to explore this beautiful world.

Monday Blues are not for me. Musings are. Look again, my blog too says it.


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Tending Towards Tens

via Daily Prompt: Tend


Today I wanted to write but landed up reading and then saw the post Tend. Exactly the word I was looking for. It meant “write”(for me). The dictionary meaning for tend says     ” to kindle, to ignite, light, inflame, set on fire, burn.”

Here for me it kindled the desire to write and voilà, here is my tenth blog. Félicitations

Today’s musings or apprentisage is a quote by Regina Brett that says

No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up”.

I’ve done that tons of times but today was extraordinary, not exactly in the pink of health, did the same and was appreciated. Then I thought about the appreciation,  believe me it was from the people who were in the same situation. They were going through a rough patch but showed up every single day.

I realised that the these were the people who complained the least, did their job and always had a smile on their faces exactly following Regina Brett.

Tending to be happy makes you happy, it ignites happiness in others too. The unhappy ones will remain unhappy no matter what you do. The reason I believe is “they choose to be unhappy”.

Let us vow to show up each day with a beaming smile and spread the smiling curve facing the sky defeating the harsh terrains that lay ahead.


This post was written for the daily prompt “tend”