C’est la vie

Claudia: When is the show?

Denis: At 6

Claudia: Finally, I can get to meet her in person.

Denis: Does that really mater? You could have done it over a Video-call. These are trying times.

Claudia: Sure it does, she is one helluva person.

Denis: Got it, I’ll pick you at 5. I’ ll get your fav coffee too!

Claudia: Will be ready. Can’t wait to be there.


Claudia: Hello Ma’am. Claudia

Jasweet George: Hey Claudia. What do we have today?

Claudia: Ma’am that is completely up to you.

Jasweet George: Why? Isn’t there an agenda?

Claudia: Yes Ma’am, there is.

Jasweet George: Tell me, we will go by the book.

Claudia: Ma’am, you are the blessed one to have broken all the rules and made new ones. Are you sure?

Jasweet George: Yes, it is your show. Let the magic begin.

Claudia: As you say Ma’am.

… Camera… Action… Rolling

Claudia: Good evening Ma’am, How are you?

Jasmeet George: Perfect. How are you?

Claudia: Ma’am, when did you think of embracing our present profession.

Jasmeet George: I was 8, attending school. It was a normal day, and it was Environmental studies, where Miss Hopkins was explaining the 3 “R” s. Miss Hopkins demonstrated the recycling, after all she was the best in the school. Suddenly, there was a loud noise, we looked out of the window and realised it was a gunshot after we heard another one. As we had been trained, we ducked. Miss Hopkins ran towards the windows, shut them and darted towards the door, and shut it too. I was petrified.

Claudia: Yes Ma’am.

Jasmeet George: In a couple of minutes, Miss Hopkins was with us, checking on us, making sure we are fine. Rachel was crying, so was Beatrice. Veronique brought Teddy along, and was clinging on to it. Miss Hopkins gave her a hug, and patted Teddy. The image is still fresh in my mind. Do you remember incidents in detail, Claudia?

Claudia: Yes Ma’am, the ones that touched me the most.

Jasmeet George: Absloutely, We waited patiently with bated breath, Freddy fell asleep, and I sat right next to Miss Hopkins. Soon, it was all calm, Miss Hopkins slowly got up, I stayed with her. She released my hand from hers, said I am going to open the door. I placed both my hands on her left arm. She smiled, and said “I’ll be back”, that didn’t stop me. We went together to open the door. She unlatched it and there was a small sound. She continued opening the door with the handle, the right door opened. Immediately, a senior at school ran towards us, I was glad it was a known face. There was another shot, and Miss Hopkins lost her balance and swayed before she dropped down on the floor, I fell too.

Claudia: What happened to Miss Hopkins?

Jasmeet George: She was shot with a bullet, I tried making her comfortable after her fall like keeping her head straight, she had falled with a thud, and I kinda fell on my knees and tumbled over. She smiled at me signalling me to lay down on the ground. I did that looking at her. She fell asleep. We stayed that way for about 10 minutes. Then came a blue-suited up firefighter with his team-member, they helped Miss Hopkins wake up, asked me if I was fine, swish-swashed my hair, gave her first-aid, and took her in a make-shift stretcher. The team-member took me in her arms, and directly placed me in the arms of the Principal. I didn’t know why he did that and apparently fell asleep. The next thing I know is I am at home.

Claudia: What happened to Miss Hopkins?

Jasmeet George: She didn’t come to school for a long time, We had two weeks of vacation after the incident. The following week, School resumed, my parents dropped me off. I looked out for Miss Hopkins, and was informed that she is still at home. Getting back home, I asked Mother about Miss Hopkins. She mentioned that we are going to visit her later in the evening. I was happy. At Miss Hopkins’ door was a beautiful wind-chime that chimed according to the wind, Soon, the door opened, and there was Miss Hopkins, bandaged on her arm, but ready to welcome us.

Claudia: Thank God!

Jasmeet George: Thank God, during Tea, Miss Hopkins talked to us about her steady recovery. Miss Hopkins was gradually able to move her arm but it still aches when she bends it. Miss Hopkins emphasised the fact that she was surprised to see a pupil of the school shoot her. And is unable to get over the fact. Miss Hopkis mentioned how the 911, the team of fire-fighters helped her stay awake and not get into coma, the consequences of which could have let to her death. I, an 8 year-old picked up the words “My Death” and keenly listened to the conversation after this.

Claudia: That’s true Ma’am.

Jasmeet George: Her talk with my mother confirmed my decision to be a part of the medical team with the 911, and I haven’t had a day not recalling Miss Hopkins’ conversation. My parents are worried I will always be on the move, always on the edge, constantly be stressed, physically and mentally. But you know what, this profession doesn’t stress me one bit. I am ready.

Claudia: We are so happy to have you as a part of 911. The introductory session by the Mayor of the city will begin in a few minutes. I request you to say a few words to the youth.

Jasmeet George: Work is Worship. Family comes first. Strike a balance between work and Family. Everything else is a mirage.

Claudia: Jasmeet George went to become the city’s first lady firefighter. She faced challenges but overcame them with resilience. She chose to tread the unchosen path. The love and respect for Miss Hopkins stood as a stepping stone during her journey. This is life for her.

Jasmeet George: Thank you Claudia. There are many white-collared jobs being turned out, we need people who can dedicate their time in saving simple people.

C’est la vie is a French phrase, it means “This is life.” One meaning is whatever happens, it is life, life must go on, another adaption in my words is This is life, lets make good use of it.

Don Quixote is a classic written by MIguel de Cervantes in Spanish. It follows the journey of Alonso Quijano who renames himself Don Quixote. Don Quixote enters the chivalric world in his imagination and sets off on an impractical pursuit of idealistic goals, he wants to save the world. He doesn’t accept his current reality and is determined to change what it wrong, but in a way that is not practical.

Questy Musings is a musing with a question. Jasmeet is a firefighter. It is not a fancy job, but one that helps save lives. What helps you choose your profession? Do you choose it or does it choose you? Are you happy waking up that Monday morning, attending that meeting, staying up late night completing that presentation, or just getting ready. Why are you where you are?

A Don Quixote exists in each of us, we want to change the world, the difference is he followed all the truth in the chivalry romances he had read, he stood ground for all what he wanted. Today,if someone does that, we are called crazy, insane and quixotic.

Through Quixotic conversations, discover the quixotic emotions, discover how relationships are built through emotions and conversations, and not societal norms. Initiate conversations. Discussion, brainstorm and create a change.

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