Book Review of Revolutionized Teaching for Gen -Z by Aurora M

Name of the E-book: Revolutionized Teaching for Gen -Z

Author: Meenu Aurora

Released on: 25 May 2020

Number of pages: 23

Available: On the Blogchatter website free for a limited period.

Genre: Education, Digital Tools for Education

About the author: Meenu Arora (Also known as Aurora M), is an educationist turned into blogger, working in the field of education since 2001. She has
always been creative and innovative in her classroom ideas. Her
profession is her passion also. She loves to meet new people online
and offline. She is a strong believer of continuous learning process.
You can read her articles on her website

About the book : This book aims at spearheading a change in teaching strategies and adapting with the changing times. Digital tools are explored on various platforms. The book is an excellent guide for all educators.

The book is presented well and the chapters are extremely informative. The author has briefly described that digital revolution is the need of the hour. It suggests various ways to build connections through classroom teaching by adding a WOW Factor. The book throws light on several types of Digital Content. An educator can take tips on how to use the innumerable social media platforms constructively. Google’s role in education has been highlighted here, It opens up a spectrum of ideas a teacher can choose from while planning the session.

As an educator, this book helped me tap the unexplored areas of Google. It also presented the digital contents in a structured manner. I wish the author could have explained the rest of the digital content in detail. Building connections is a chapter I could connect with personally, and truly said “Building connections is one skill every teacher must develop

The E-book itself is a part of digital content, and it has set the path for a journey every teacher must tread on. It is time to change and invest in the right kind of devices to facilitate education using digital and WOW tools.

The book has been launched as a part of Blogchatter EBook Carnival and is available on the Blogchatter website for FREE for a LIMITED PERIOD.


Author: Srishti Rajeev

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