Post Eight Years

Its been eight years that I started teaching (in a big way), and the satisfaction is immense. My website’s name itself is “apprendre24” that translates into learn/teach 24 hours a day. Some people find it uninteresting to learn as “Learning happens only in school” and nobody wants to be “taught”. But I stick to my guns and go ahead saying each moment is a learning experience. It is only a matter of understanding.

Anyway today’s learning is about teenagers. The teenager in the house is always docile until it has something to with making him (no gender discrimination, here it is a he) move himself from his cozy corner, be it in front of the computer or on the corner of the bed. The second time he reacts (unpredictably) is when a family member (me, of course) asks him to set the dinner table. Otherwise he is the most calm, fun-loving and enthusiastic person at home.

I realised they have to be instructed only once about a certain subject and then never to even breathe about it any time until completion of the task (a watsapp message in case of deadline tasks). The task will be completed. Converstations must be a listening activity (like in a foreign language class) with a few hmm…’s and okays. Suggestions must be without any expression or gestures. And there you are with a best friend for life.

The teenagers have only seven years at their disposal for the coveted title, and let us enjoy these years along with them asking them to do all that we don’t want them to do which they surely will. Latest example : I just told my teenager son to turn off the songs playing on his mobile that were invading my thoughts while typing this blog and voilà… there he is with the fancy earphones doing exactly what he was asked not to do. All’s well that ends well. Until next time. Au revoir

Smile the years away



Author: Srishti Rajeev

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