Why children may not be receiving education

This is the third in series of #CauseAChatter with the subject being child education.

Education for all is a must. If not, the country suffers under the dark shadows of illiteracy and unlawful activities which hinder the growth of the society. There are multiple reasons why a country may not be able to educate its child population. As I write this blogpost the world is going through a Pandemic struck by Coronavirus, something I didn’t have on my list, but will probably top the list.

The most obvious reasons for children not receiving in developing countries is the Financial deficit of these countries. Factors like lack of schools, poverty, illness or illiterate parents come under this umbrella.

Gender discrimination has been an underlying factor in many countries. It was an unspoken rule earlier that the boy of the house would attend school. We have come way ahead of this but not yet there. Malala has set an example and young women are looking upon her. She is doing her bit for the society.

I recall from the book “Guides to English Literature – Augustan Literature From 1660 to 1789 Edited by Eva Simmons where page 6 says “Women were usually denied formal education in the classics, but sometimes managed to obtain it for themselves”. This was in countries we called Developed now.

The next paragraph shows the growth of women “In mid 16th century only 20 percent of men and 5 percent of women could sign their names; these figures had increased by the mid 17th century to 30 percent and 10 percent respectively; by 1715 they were 45 percent and 25 per cent; but by 1760, 60 percent of men and 40 percent of women were considered “literate”.

Gender bias education has gradually crept its way close to equality. I urge everyone reading this to encourage the people of different strata in the society to send their daughters to school and for higher education also. Drifting a little, I personally know many women who had to leave education for the sake of marriage. That is for another day.

Another reason that children may not be receiving education could be natural disasters with devastating effects on human habitats. The extent of awareness of these disasters has increased. Earlier it would be news soon forgotten to be remembered when another one occurs. Nowadays, with better technology, people in the affected region can be tracked back, atleast in terms of statistics, and we can compare it with the present number.

I clearly agree with poverty being the top reason for children not receiving child education. There are NGOs and associations working towards it.

A thought about the people in these associations, I believe that the founder or major decision makers have seen, heard, read or experienced some event about children without education,which has touched their lives, hence are willing to spend time on voluntary activities like these.

My audience surely has access to the internet if you are reading this. Take a moment to think about people who don’t have a computer. It is a basic need now. Dig deep and spare a few seconds to the ones who don’t go to school. Each city or town has a section that we don’t pass through while driving. That is the section that needs help, convincing them is the hurdle we have to cross. We will.

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Author: Srishti Rajeev

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