Agra, it is!

Kapila and Ashwin sat on the banks of the river, casually looking around through their Ray-Bans, they hadn’t clicked any pics yet, the travel bug hasn’t bit them as yet or was it something else ? The heat, the journey, the food. For the Gen Z, you know something isn’t the usual if they aren’t on their phones or DSLRs, right?

They had arrived here last evening, stayed at Shandaar, the hotel with a view to the Taj, the iconic beauty. This was their first time here, all the way up the map of India, neither of them had visited Agra during their childhood, only read and studied about it. A dream come true visiting the wonder of the world together is no less than an achievement for both the financial experts. So what was keeping them preoccupied?

Kapila, the incessant chatterbox was mesmerised by the beauty of the Taj, said “We must come here more often, it is beautiful!

Ashwin, gazing far beyond, nodded “Yes”. The river and the beings around the sacred beauty didn’t impress him anymore. He was looking way beyond the horizon. He eyes searching for something immeasurable. His soul, not here but with his thoughts.

Then again, the silence and the incomprehensible vibes between them occupied the happy space they earlier shared. Back at college, the four of them, including Rushali and Mahi juggled between laughing, commenting and eating. Life has its ways, but one was absolutely sure that these four could defend and face life. That’s life! It takes you where are bound to be, but never lets you know even for an iota of a second, how!

Their tickets were booked a month ago, and they were looking forward to their travels together whether the like it or not, but they have to do it, for Ruhi (Rushali and Mahi).

As the evening set in, Kapila felt more comfortable with the place, she took off her shades and experienced an enhanced vision. She saw the flower sellers, the fruit vendors, wondered why are they here and not in her hometown, why were they born here, why do they sell flowers, can’t they be bankers… Her questioning phase came to an end with the startled look on Ashwin’s face when a small boy came running towards them persuading them to buy some fruits. Ashwin bought half a kilo of grapes and took a selfie with the lad. Kapila, relieved looking at Ashwin’s smile for the selfie, didn’t bother about the poker face he got back to immediately thereafter. “This was the trick Mahi told me about.”

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Disclaimer: This is a work of art and is completely fictional. Any resemblance is completely co-incidental.

Copyright: This cannot be represented or published anywhere without written permission from the author of this blog


Author: Srishti Rajeev

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