Devices on the rise

There was a time when screen time was to be restricted. Its effect on the eyes and sedentary lifestyle were highlighted. But today in this Pandemic-stuck world, all eyes on the device.

I particularly draw attention to the online classes. The new norm, that earlier belonged to the countries where our cousins lived, is now catching up and the lingua has changed. Don’t make noise, my class has begun. Ma… don’t run the mixer, Pa… reduce the volume of the TV, etc..

Students (ok some students ) are loving it, it gives them a chance to officially be with their friends, while others dread the assignments as it comes officially as an email. Some turn off the video and continue playing games on the other tab, some religiously take down notes. All in all, school is on. With school being on, things seem normal at home. Children wake up early, that is the first advantage. Parents too wake up early! Some children are learning how to use the laptop or computer better, many use Mom’s phone.

This is the case in most schools, what about the teachers? Are they ready? Well, the teachers who are tech savvy can do it. The others are learning.

Now for the big question?

  1. Do all the students who attend regular school have a device at home that can facilitate online education
  2. Do those student have good internet connectivity.

The number of internet users in India is 34.8% according the live stats website. I believe that if one member of the family uses internet, the next year or even sooner, the second member would start using it. So this percentage would be of a particular strata of the society. I hope that a large part of the 34.8% are parents who have school going children.

With this percentage, online classes are recommended. What about the students who don’t have access, or access with less connectivity? Again the less fortunate are at a loss. Let us be fair and not pressurise them. Let’s make practical changes, extend the commencement date of the new academic year, let us reduce portions and let everyone get equal opportunity without attending online classes.

Apart from online sessions, one has to observe that the virus has struck India close to the summer vacation, so schools can afford the break and brainstorm about what’s next. I an sure parents would understand.

Coming to my next thought. Would children learn through devices? I say Yes, children would learn, they are eager and enthusiastic. They are watching what’s happening, their second home is school. If you bring the school to them, they would be the happiest. Keeping the present scenario, this is the best option. Once things get back to normal, schools can look at a four day campus and one day online session. The can play with the numbers. Three day campus and two day online too works. With the pollution and traffic on the rise, let us take certain long pending decisions on global warming.

To my surprise, many students who are listed as the fortunate ones, whose internet connectivity is good, have non-working devices at home which must be dealt with once the lockdown concludes. Keep devices in working condition. Keep buying headphones, branded reparable devices and chargers. They will always be handy.

I just learnt that the books on my computer can be transferred to my Kindle. Thank you to the person who taught me how to do that. Very helpful when my laptop is charging after a long day but I need to work, I let it rest and I continue my work with my kindle. So learn to juggle between devices.

In conclusion, I would say moderation is the best option. Let children have an afternoon nap during the lockdown the day they have online sessions. Their eyes need rest. Increase Vitamin A in the diet along with Immunity-boosting foods to stay healthy. During non-online session days, let them just be.

I leave you with this quote from Wess Stafford in the April edition of #CauseAChatter by Blogchatter

“Children are more than we think they are: they can do more than we think they can do. All they need is a vote of confidence from grownups, whom they will ultimately replace anyway. Their dream of today will become the realities of tomorrow”

Author: Srishti Rajeev

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3 thoughts on “Devices on the rise”

  1. Yes, Srishti, children are capable of achieving so much and all they need is proper nurturing. Soon the new way of learning will become a norm. Every change has some pros and cons. My 10 year old nephew attends online classes and is very enthusiastic about it, because it makes him feel like his mom and dad with their laptops. He has to check his email several times a day too, and tell us all that he’s very busy!

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